Letter: Terminal plan lacks honesty




I do not support constructing the largest rail-to-marine oil terminal in the U.S. at the Port of Vancouver. That said, I have no problem with the Greene campaign challenge to Don Orange’s residency, which was recently dismissed. My problem is with those who deny any involvement with that challenge. Why deny it? It’s a very small point, and hardly worth criticizing. The larger question is, when you lie about inconsequential things, shouldn’t we now expect you to have a low threshold to lie about more substantive matters?

The citizens of Vancouver have harbored suspicions of closed-door secrecy since the deal was made to invite Tesoro-Savage to build their depot at the port. We certainly don’t need to amplify public distrust, but those who deny involvement in the residency challenge have unambiguously done just that. The virtues of honesty and integrity seem to be trivial to them.