Vital Statistics



Marriage dissolutions


Jones, Desirae Cinamin and Bryan.

Gant, Anabelle Jiganie and Jacob Lancaster. Petitioner’s name changed to Jiganie.


Roach, Adam L. and Sarahbeth L.

Hart, Thomas and Huynh-Hart, Deanna.

Shaik, Sana Diana Lee and Alluddin.

Sills, Willie W. and Angie Lou.

Tubania, Jennifer Rae and Dennis Barbieto.


Huberty, Timothy and Judith.

Marriage licenses


Justus, Shawn Paul, 27, Woodland, and Johnson, Skylar Jayne, 22, Woodland.

Karver, Zane Theodore, 19, Portland, and Wylie, Shivonne Marie, 24, Portland.

Kilgore, Ann K., 79, Vancouver, and Grinell, Ronald Ray, 76, Vancouver.

Love, Heather Moira, 45, Vancouver, and Leonard, Jacob Gene, 42, Vancouver.

Sceales, Conrad Dewey, 44, Vancouver, and Lozano, Norma Alicia, 43, Vancouver.

Butler, Lauren Elizabeth, 28, Vancouver, and Stricker, Colby Tyler, 27, Vancouver.

Caldwell, Cindy Marie, 41, Vancouver, and Fletcher, Brian Laurence, 45, Vancouver.

Oster, Emma Gabrielle, 18, Vancouver, and Taylor, Carter David, 29, Fort Gordon, Calif.

Hernandez, Oscar Guarionex, 27, Vancouver, and Giron Molina, Jihndy Jahneidy, 27, Vancouver.

Custodio, John Ryan, 34, Vancouver, and Kim, Amanda Roxanne, 28, Vancouver.

Wood, Brianne Michele, 24, Vancouver, and Grady, Damon Brant, 41, Vancouver.

Stewart, Michael Bruce, 47, Vancouver, and Forster, Kerry Jane, 44, Emsworth, England.

Martinson, Emily Joy, 38, Tacoma, and Dato, Ryan Lamarr, 45, West Linn, Ore.

Chalmers, Leigh Phillip, 53, Portland, and Spangler, Jennifer Dawn, 33, Portland.

Pierson, Barbara Jean, 60, Portland, and Hon, Teryl Arnold, 61, Portland.

Valdovinos, Vanessa Contreras, 26, Vancouver, and Lara, Damian Isidoro, 26, Vancouver.

Lackey, Dana Nichole, 25, Washougal, and Lee, Michael Kevin, 28, Washougal.

Stimely, Nathalie, 24, Vancouver, and Rowe, Hayden Mark, 26, Vancouver.