Vital Statistics




Marriage dissolution


Yukich, Jodi Arnelle and Feist, John Thomas.

Clark, Adam Wayne and Zaneta Lindrece.

Gray, Jordan Michelle and Campfield, Nicholas Brian.

Todd, Gary and Geraldine.

Abella, Janet Marie and Mitchell Drake.

Spencer, Sonya and Robert. Petitioner’s name changed to Tinder.

Calhoun, Shawna Marie and David Dean.

Palkina, Valentyna and Oleg Mykolaevich.

Meneses, Vincent G. and Samantha Leigh.

McPherson, Steven Lee and Ashmael, Ashli Lyn.

Purdell Hernandez, Alicia and Romero Hernandez, Juan Jose.

Johnson, Tara Lynn and Johnny Allen. Petitioner’s name changed to Melum.

Edwards, Mark Steven and Shannon Brook.


Van Order, Scott M. and Krissi Lee.

Morgavi, Isador Jr. and Sharon.

Seibel, Timothy Murry and Horgdal, Christine Marie.

Feigner, Cerelia Noel and Clark, Jesse Alan.

Freeman, William I. and White-Freeman, Lauren Elizabeth.

Marriage licenses


Mount, Ashley Diane, 31, Vancouver, and Strong, Christopher Michael, 30, Vancouver.

Herd, Daina Suzanne, 26, Portland, and Mayangitan, Jan Wylmer Flores, 35, Portland.

Orr, Jamie Chad, 46, Vancouver, and Thongkhum, Sangduan, 36, Vancouver.

Siegmund, Frank Antone, 68, Vancouver, and Schafer, Ann Malloy, 72, Vancouver.

Klimov, Sergey Vladimirovich, 26, Vancouver, and Ryabicheva, Kateryna Alexandrevna, 28, Vancouver.

Zalevskiy, Andrey Yurivich, 26, Vancouver, and Maksimenko, Olesya Aleksandrovna, 37, Vancouver.

Sanders, Carlee Elizabeth, 27, Vancouver, and Smith Brian Timothy, 35, Vancouver.