Letter: Where does it end?




The Civil War ended 152 years ago, which has not changed the mindset of many. History lessons learned are more important than conflict over an inanimate object.

The Columbian, by supporting the removing of Confederate monuments and statues, supports a bigger “can of worms.”

Near Portland, the name “Lynch” was dropped from three schools’ names, due to group pressure. What were the protesters accomplishing, an exercise in semantics or absurdity?

Edward Lynch and his wife, Dollie, have donated millions to this community. It is doubtful that this community would succumb to any such name-change effort.

ESPN sports broadcaster Robert Lee was removed as commentator on a Virginia season-opener and reassigned by ESPN, due to protest pressure. There is little resemblance between Gen. Robert E. Lee and ESPN commentator Robert Lee that will be heard over the airwaves on his reassignment.

Religious followers believe in God and creation. Atheists do not believe in God but believe in evolution. Do we now remove religious statues, symbols and pictures because atheists find them offensive to their way of thinking? Where does it end?

The civil unrest and division of our nation, loss of the American Dream and weakening democracy rests on our self-indulgence and an ineffective Congress.