Letter: Liberals lack principles




White nationalist groups are being treated unfairly by liberals. They are being denied free speech and assembly rights. Liberals complain about the number of innocent people who Nazis have killed. But liberals have killed many more millions with their support for abortion. Liberals refused to take a stand against Saddam Hussein, even though he invaded Iran and killed over a million innocent people. Liberals are opposed to Assad in Syria, when all he’s done is defend his nation against aggressors, something he should be commended for doing.

The U.S. was founded by high-principled people, essentially Puritans. They never would have supported abortion, the gay lifestyle, porn, gambling, and all of the other sin that liberals have brought into U.S. society. The U.S. is decaying into a liberal dictatorship. Liberals get into prominent positions of authority, turn the Constitution upside down, and force unjust policies onto society.

When conservatives refuse to serve gays, liberal judges hand out severe penalties, to the point of being cruel and unjust. When liberals refuse to serve conservatives, there are no penalties. Liberals are unethical. If they were to practice authentic Christian values, they might develop higher character and take principled stands on issues.