Letter: Heed the wrath of Yahweh




The citizenry of Texas have experienced the full fury of nature at its worst, suffering Hurricane Harvey’s winds, torrential rains and disastrous flooding. The cause of the catastrophe is obvious: God is displeased with Texas because of the state’s Herculean efforts to subvert the teaching of climate science and evolution in the schools, along with its legislation severely limiting women’s access to family planning including abortion, and lack of legislation banning discrimination of gay citizens.

Unless and until the good people of the great state of Texas recognize their sinning ways, repent, and perform acts of contrition, God will continue to curse their land, people and holdings. I’ll do my part and pray for flood victims for all I’m worth, but I can’t do it all by myself. Texans need to step up to the plate and, at the very least, acknowledge the veracity of human-induced, megastorm-producing global warming, in order to soothe an angry Yahweh furious over denial of His grand earthly design.

Mississippi and Alabama, take heed!