Letter: Time to ban fireworks




Drier and warmer summers are likely to become more frequent as the climate changes. We are at greater risk for wildfires like the Eagle Creek Fire that has consumed 33,000 acres and is still burning. It was all started by young people with fireworks.

This should be seen as a fairly clear warning and threat to our valued parks and green spaces that we hold dear. Whatever you believe about the noise, pollution and risk of personal injury, putting thousands of incendiary devices (fireworks) in the hands of the public at the driest time of year is no longer a reasonable risk.

I believe the kids involved did not intend to start the fire, and I don’t think they could comprehend the damage it could do. However, if we, as adults, did not comprehend the risk, we do now. The city councils of Camas and Washougal must follow Vancouver’s lead and protect our green spaces and forests. We need a well-planned public display of fireworks so everyone can enjoy the holiday and firework display and ban them completely from private use. The risk is too great.