Letter: Many thanks to C-Tran




I want to share a great experience I had with C-Tran. On Aug. 30, I went to the Fisher’s Landing Transit Center and purchased a monthly bus pass. Somehow, I forgot my black handcart.

When the No. 37 bus made a stop on 192nd Avenue, I suddenly remembered my cart. In total dismay, I called out, “Oh no, I forgot my cart!” The bus driver, Joe Killian, immediately called the transit center and asked if they had my cart. Then, to my surprise, the driver asked if someone could bring it to me!

I was floored. I’d never heard of such a thing. The supervisor on the phone, Steven Greagor, said that he did have my cart and would bring it to me. Not only did Greagor bring me the cart in less than 10 minutes, he did it with a great attitude — he was full of smiles and good humor! I thanked him and apologized, over and over.

The bus driver’s and the supervisor’s acts of kindness really touched my heart. Thanks to Joe Killian and Steven Greagor — bless them both. And kudos to C-Tran for hiring such wonderful people.