Letter: Alternative to impeachment




In view of the plethora of negative effects from the Trump administration, we are faced with a semi-no-win option in the form of impeachment. This is because impeachment would leave us with most of the same administration and problems.

I propose a new option, especially relevant in these times: Let’s amend the Constitution to include a method to re-hold a presidential election, including primaries, campaigns, and all associated details, if intervention or fraud can be proved in the original election. And if a general vote of Congress produces a majority in favor. The previous administration should take over for the duration of the new election.

Or a totally different option: Skip the primaries, allowing all previous and willing finalist candidates to re-run. A third option: Offer the presidency to the candidate who suffered loss because of the interference.

It’s much to be considered and solved, especially since haste in change would be prioritized. The need would be to remove the administration, since it got its job by assistance from outside intervention, or fraud. Let’s get thinking, everybody. And — signed votes on paper. Count ’em twice, if necessary.