Letter: Hold firestarters accountable




People must be held accountable for their actions. Those who started the Eagle Creek Fire through irresponsible behavior should be prosecuted, then a route that may produce positive long-term results should be considered. I propose that, after prosecution, a video be produced by those responsible, and their parents, addressing these issues:

• Explain what happened, why it happened, what they thought was going to happen;

• Account for the cost of fighting the fire and impact on firefighters and volunteers;

• Account for the cost to the homeowners who lost their homes, had to evacuate, the impact of closing I-84 and other key points;

• Include apologies to the aforementioned folks and organizations;

• Include video of the area before, during and after the fire.

The production could be used for mandatory viewing each spring at schools and at special occasions so that others get the message and think before they act.

If they choose not to participate, an alternative could be to go to jail, be heavily fined, wear tracking devices when not in jail, have no driver’s licenses, etc. Please hold them accountable in some public manner.