Luyster’s girlfriend in court for allegedly violating no-contact order

By Jessica Prokop, Columbian Courts Reporter



Andrea Sibley, the girlfriend of triple-homicide suspect Brent Luyster, was back in Clark County Superior Court on Wednesday after allegedly violating a no-contact order. Her defense attorney is seeking clarification on the order.

Sibley, 28, was sentenced to a year of community custody in September 2016 for rendering criminal assistance to Luyster, whom she picked up and drove away with after he allegedly shot four people July 15, 2016, at a rural home southeast of Woodland. Three of the victims — Joseph Mark Lamar, 38, Zachary David Thompson, 36, and Janell Renee Knight, 43 — were killed.

Sibley was arrested by Department of Corrections officers and booked into the Clark County Jail on Sept. 14. She reportedly stopped at a local convenience store to purchase gas and a soda. A family member of one of the shooting victims is a cashier at the store, court records state.

As part of her sentence, Sibley was ordered not to have contact with any family of the shooting victims and is prohibited from coming within 1,000 feet of their home, workplace and school, according to court documents.

Her community supervision is slated to end Saturday, however, so there’s not enough time for DOC to schedule a violation hearing, DOC spokesman Jeremy Barclay said. Sibley will remain in custody until Saturday, he said, and will then be released from the jail and her period of supervision.

On Wednesday, her attorney, Jeff Sowder, filed a motion in Superior Court requesting to revise the no-contact order. He said that Sibley did not intentionally or knowingly violate the order, because she does not know where all of the victims’ family members work.

Family of the shooting victim told The Columbian last week that Sibley knew of their connection to the convenience store and reported her to authorities after she entered the store.

Sowder argued that the language in the order is too vague and wants it to state, more specifically, with whom Sibley is not to have contact.

Judge Robert Lewis agreed that the order needs some clarification.

Deputy Prosecutor James Smith requested he be granted a few days to speak with the victims’ families, before presenting or agreeing to a revised order.

They will be back in court Sept. 28.