Vital Statistics



Marriage dissolutions


Jespersen, David Scott and Jamie Lea.

Martinez, Luisa Jaquelina and Contreras, Manuel Gonzalez.

Love, Kristine Karen and Scott Ray.

Moon, Jason A. and Kimberly S.

Posey, Jerrold Kent and Gaussoin Posey, Sarah Francis.


Hogan, Amelia Estahlyn and Sean Patrick.

Gullickson, David William and Rhiannon Naomi.

Robinson, Daniel J. and Pamela S.

Ghazi, Dana and Isreb, Majd A.

Kluka, Erin Christina and Scott Adam.

Tapper, Kay E. and Richard E.

Bruflat, Anne Trakas and Rick Dale.

Comstock, David G., Jr. and Heather R.

Koenig, Diane M. and Ronald G.

Tumbagahan, Connie Elizabeth and Anacleto A., Jr.

West, Ashlee Nicole and Christopher Michael.

Wright, Monica K. and Vernnia.

Pool, Janell Marie and Pool Chable, Roger Ismael.

Butler, Heather Lenn and Nickolas Allen.

Tomalak, Sara Michelle and Brandon Davis.

Flores, Michelle Marie and Anthony Howard.

Hendrick, Philip Nathanael and Latricia Marie.


Christopher, Roger William and Connie Sue.

Marriage licenses


Scruggs, Whisper Leanne, 46, Vancouver, and Fairley, Joshua James, 37, Vancouver.

Tubbs, Jeffory Lynn, 54, Vancouver, and Johnson, Sheila Gaye, 55, Vancouver.

Rojas, Adriana Justine, 27, Camas, and Saldano, Jerrid Edward, 32, Camas.

Pfeifer, Stephanie Michelle, 26, Yacolt, and Estes, Tyler Matthew, 25, Yacolt.

Boezwinkle, Chad Ryan, 28, Vancouver, and Chowdhury, Jessica, 23, Epping Green, United Kingdom.

Aumiller, Ernest Leon, Jr., 26, La Center, and Germann, Alysha Tiana, 24, La Center.

Ludwig, Ashlee Nicole, 34, Springfield, Ore., and Christensen, Jacob Scott, 34, Springfield, Ore.

Pulver, Victoria Michele, 19, Vancouver, and Aldridge, James Douglas III, 21, Vancouver.

Anderson, William Thomas, 74, Vancouver, and Abels, Kathleen Marie, 65, Vancouver.

Bowman, Delaina Renae, 18, Vancouver, and Silva, Julian Delgado, 18, Vancouver.

Danis, Darmy Lynn, 23, Vancouver, and Elimo, Kevin Takky, 25, Vancouver.

Langberg, Kate Marie, 27, Portland, and Hicks, Bryson Grant, 31, Portland.

Roley, Angela Justine, 42, Vancouver, and Derousse, Chad Orville, 47, Vancouver.

Septjuly, Lye, 68, Vancouver, and Septjuly, Kaenesy, 61, Vancouver.

Brulinski, Paul Gary, Jr., 28, Vancouver, and Anderson, Jamie Elyse, 25, Vancouver.

Walker, Kaitlynn Renee, 23, Battle Ground, and Hauser, Eric Scott, 27, Battle Ground.

Heath, Hailey Kay, 40, Vancouver, and Stakick, Paul Carl, 52, Vancouver.

Murphy, Holland April, 34, Portland, and Frye, Michael Dean, 33, Portland.

Ramsey, Mellisa, 19, La Center, and Alvarez-Baca, Jorge Alberto, 22, La Center.

Palmore, Lia Rose, 25, Pearland, Texas, and Hayes, Nathan Hatcher, 32, Pearland, Texas.