Letter: Time to fix bridge debacle




The I-205 Bridge cannot handle the increased traffic in our bistate travels anymore. It is obsolete, and became that way so soon. The engineers should have expected the rapid increase in usage and designed a bridge that would serve us for a much larger number of vehicles than what we now have.

I am outraged by this debacle. My husband and I are retired and do not commute daily to Portland, but recently we took out-of-state visitors to PDX. Their flight left at 6 p.m. and we dropped them off at 4:30. Our return to Vancouver took 1 1/2 hours — that is not acceptable. We need another span and, please, no more politics and black-and-blue rhetoric. Build it. Yes, the I-5 Bridge is old and overused, but a second I-205 span, adjacent to the original bridge, could divert commuters going east to the Camas/Washougal and East Vancouver areas.

Republicans who’ve completely disregarded their constituents’ needs, and sabotaged the I-5 Bridge plans, should hang their heads. I hope those empowered to keep our autos, vans and commercial big rigs moving are listening. I dare them to try the commute at rush hour and deny that something is terribly amiss.