Letter: Adopt single-payer health care




Our health care system is not what it could and should be. Multiple studies have shown our mediocre world ranking in the health of our population, health care outcomes, primary care availability, preventive care and per capita cost of health care.

Clearly, our current health care system does not meet our needs. The critics are right in demanding improvement. Anyone who must pay premiums to self-insure through the current system sees that this method of health insurance is unsustainable.

The big impediments are: the insurance industry, pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers and health care providers — hospitals, clinics and practitioners. Another cost-driver is a segment of the legal profession that takes advantage of the system. Profit is the common goal.

A national single-payer health insurance system would greatly reduce these cost-drivers’ influence on our health care system. Today we see how preferable Medicare is compared to for-profit offerings.

What is Medicare if it is not socialized medicine? You dismissed as not worthy of public support, or fiscally feasible, Sen. Sanders’ proposal for Medicare. Yet he outlined in his campaign statements that his proposal was one that our country could and should afford if we reset our priorities.