Letter: Bigger concerns than gun control




As opined in the Sept. 20 editorial (“In Our View — What About Guns?”), there are countless reasons for multiple school shootings — culture, media, parenting, teenage angst and immaturity; but the “elephant in the room” (i.e., national obsession with guns) appears to be your salient issue. The implication is that more gun control, buoyed by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention research, would be instrumental in solving deadly violence in schools and elsewhere.

Violence, insanity, revenge and hatred are all, unfortunately, part of the human condition. They have been around for millennia and will remain long after us. As deadly as rifles can be, more murders are committed with knives, hammers, clubs, hands and fists. Thousands more people die in automobile accidents and 10 times as many succumb to hospital infections and medical malpractice. Yet there is never any discussion about knife control, marital arts control, car prohibitions or medical limitations despite those deaths.

The real moral failing in our society is the disproportionate and emotional conversation of a very small minority of premature deaths caused by guns in comparison to the widespread carnage from other causes deemed acceptable.