Fishing report, Sept. 28





Effective October 1 up to two adult Chinook, fin clipped or not, may be retained.

Lower Columbia mainstem from the Lewis downstream — Light effort and catch during the current no Chinook retention through the end of this month.

Lower Columbia mainstem from the Lewis River upstream to Bonneville Dam — Chinook catches were very good, especially earlier last week. Effort in this area is heavy.

Cowlitz River — From the I-5 Bridge downstream: 24 bank rods kept 1 adult Chinook and released 1 jack and 1 adult coho. 8 boats/19 rods kept 1 adult Chinook and released 2 jack and 3 adult Chinook, 1 adult coho, and 1 steelhead. From the I-5 Bridge upstream: 18 bank rods kept 2 jack and 1 adult Chinook and 1 steelhead and released 4 adult Chinook, 1 jack coho, and 3 cutts. No boats were sampled.
Gorge Bank — Weekend checking, one Chinook adult kept for 21 bank anglers.

Gorge Boats — Weekend checking showed 64 Chinook adults, four Chinook jacks, and four coho adults kept, plus one coho adult released for 43 boats (144 anglers).

Troutdale Boats — Weekend checking showed five Chinook adults, one Chinook jack, and four coho adults kept, plus one Chinook jack and one coho adult released for 37 boats (79 anglers).

Portland to Westport Bank — Weekend checking showed one coho adult kept for 23 bank anglers.

Portland to Tongue Point Boats — Weekend checking showed 42 Chinook adults, six Chinook jacks, and three coho adults kept, plus 10 Chinook adults, one Chinook jack and eight coho adults released for 129 boats (307 anglers).

Estuary Boats (Tongue Point to Buoy 10) — Weekend checking showed 17 coho kept, plus 32 coho and one Chinook released for 50 boats (135 anglers).

Warm Water fishing

The Dalles Pool — Weekly checking showed 49 walleye kept, plus four walleye released for six boats (12 anglers).

John Day Pool — Weekly checking showed three walleye kept for two boats (three anglers).
The local lakes are still producing some good warm water fishing and should do so into October. Anglers in Lacamas Lake are catching some nice bass and good numbers of yellow perch.

Correction: Chinook retention is closed from the mouth of the Lewis River to the mouth of the Columbia until the end of the month. Coho and steelhead are open. Last week’s report contained wrong info.