Letter: Choir lifts listener’s spirits




On Sunday, we attended a choral concert at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church. The music was absolutely extravagant. I learned it is a chorus made up of singers from all over the Portland/Vancouver area.

One’s essence, or soul, or heart, or all three, rose or hovered above our heads as the voices thrilled the atmosphere with their power and might. The music was an experience of worshiping. The words of the hymns were easily decipherable throughout.

Impressive, dressed in black and white, over 100 singers sat or stood up in front and most of them seemed to be between 60 and 100 years old. They proceeded down the aisle two by two, some indicating signs of pain as they walked, a few using canes and several in wheelchairs. Their choir director and their accompanist seemed to be in the same age bracket.

Oh, if only they could’ve been heard by more guests.