Slideshow: Stats for National Coffee Day




Friday, Sept. 29, is National Coffee Day! From, here are some statistics on U.S. coffee consumer trends:

• Who drinks the most? Older people. Percentage of people, by age, who reported having consumed a coffee beverage within the past day: ages 13-18, 37 percent; ages 18-24, 50 percent; ages 25-39, 63 percent; ages 40-59, 64 percent; and ages 60+, 68 percent.

• Just the good stuff, please. Daily “gourmet” coffee consumption, by age: ages 13-18, 29 percent; ages 18-24, 39 percent; ages 25-39, 50 percent; ages 40-59, 39 percent; and ages 60+, 34 percent.

• Just the good stuff, Pt. 2. More than half of all cups of coffee consumed in the past day were “gourmet” — a record-high 59 percent, compared to 46 percent in 2012.

• The cold facts. Consumers reporting non-espresso coffee beverage consumption in the past week included: frozen blended (14 percent); cold brew (11 percent); and nitrogen-infused (3 percent).

• Hey barista, make it a double. This year, 2017, showed the largest one-year increase in past-day espresso beverage consumption in history, from 18 to 24 percent.