Letter: Protesters miss the mark




I find myself wondering what has happened to this great country. The only thing we have as a nation is the pride in the flag and Constitution. As a 20-year vet, I feel I’m seeing the start of the end of this great nation.

It seems that the blacks aren’t happy about their lot in life, and want to change it. Good for them. However, there are other ways to do it than disrespecting our flag and Constitution. I look at high school graduation rates for blacks — dismal. Surely protesters could do something about that. The out-of-wedlock births aren’t a pretty picture, either. Somehow this gets blamed on the white people for not doing enough to raise the standard of living. Maybe it’s my fault for being white but, by golly, I finished school and didn’t have illegitimate children. Why is it OK for so many black kids in Chicago to kill each other? Surely protesters could help prevent this violence. It could be a great teaching moment.

After watching this develop, I’ve yet to see anything written down as to what change is wanted. Maybe it’s because it’s easier to blame someone else and not take the bull by the horns and solve your own in-house problems, at least the fixable ones.