Letter: Trump exaggerations not innocent




Many of you voted for Donald Trump, the competent outsider who spoke the truth and vowed to be the get-things-done president. But is Trump living up to his great, amazing, absolutely huge promises? The answer may be in his best-seller, “The Art of the Deal.” Trump wrote “I play to people’s fantasies … People want to believe that something is the biggest and greatest and the most spectacular.” He defined this as innocent exaggeration.

Thus, Trump promised his health care plan would be beautiful, terrific, unbelievable, and would provide insurance for everybody. But Trumpcare, which would have denied millions of low-income people health care insurance, wasn’t an innocent exaggeration. It was a deplorable lie.

Last September, Trump said he’d be the “greatest jobs president God ever created,” promising to launch “the most pro-growth, pro-jobs, pro-family plan put forth perhaps in the history of our country.”

But to date, Trump hasn’t enacted a clear job-creating plan, and growth is down from the days under President Obama. According to Labor Department data, August job growth was the slowest in six years. Also, Trump’s first summer in office had the slowest overall job growth in four years.

A reality TV star’s innocent exaggerations won’t make America great.