Growing an improved healing garden

10 a.m. May 20
Legacy's Salmon Creek Hospital Foundation to begin fundraising

The third-floor terrace garden at Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center has the privacy of a fishbowl.

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Clark County saw gonorrhea outbreak in 2014

6 a.m. May 18

The number of gonorrhea cases across the state spiked in 2014, with six counties, including Clark County, experiencing outbreaks of the sexually transmitted disease.

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Running 101: Expert tips for runners of all types

6 a.m. May 18

MINNEAPOLIS — We were born to run. As a species, we've always been runners — chasing down our next meal or high-tailing it to avoid becoming prey. So why would anyone need a lesson in something so primal? Turns out there's a market for learning how to run. One gym, Magna Health and Fitness in downtown Minneapolis, offers a series of classes simply called Learn to Run. It attracts novices eager to join the legions of running fans and seasoned racers hoping to avoid injury. We asked Magna owner Jenny Halstead and the folks at Mill City Running for tips on how to have your best run and stay pain-free.

Laina Harris

Two-thirds of Clark County adults are overweight or obese. Laina Harris of Camas is one of those adults. At her heaviest, Harris weighed 420 pounds. Today, she's more than 100 pounds lighter and armed with the resolve to lose more weight. This occasional series follows her journey.


The FDA is poised to lift the blood donation ban on gay men, allowing donors who have not had sex with another man in the prior 12 months. Do you support the change?

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