Wearable defibrillator saves man's life

6 a.m. December 22
High-tech vest made for patients at risk for sudden cardiac arrest is a lifesaver

Ray Tabor wasn't too keen on wearing a contraption that, to him, resembled a woman's bra. But at the urging of his doctor, Tabor relented.

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Keep your head up: Text neck takes a toll on the spine

6 a.m. December 22

All those times your mother told you to stand up tall and sit up straight were for good reason.

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Effective workout is on the table

6 a.m. December 22
Pingpong touted for its lack of contact, physical benefits

Maybe you played pingpong as a kid because your parents set up a table in the basement. Maybe you played in high school because you were hanging out with friends at the rec center. And maybe later, you played that other version of pong that requires a table and a ball but no paddles because, you know, you were in college.

Laina Harris

Two-thirds of Clark County adults are overweight or obese. Laina Harris of Camas is one of those adults. At her heaviest, Harris weighed 420 pounds. Today, she's more than 100 pounds lighter and armed with the resolve to lose more weight. This occasional series follows her journey.


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