Dog trains to be autistic boy's 'anchor'

Oct 8, 2015

Deklan Montes is an intelligent 9 year old. He's above-average compared to other kids his age, according to his mother.

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How much can lower blood pressure reduce risks?

Oct 8, 2015

PITTSBURGH -- A dramatically lower systolic blood pressure -- that big number after the blood-pressure cuff has deflated -- may be necessary to reduce risk…

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Pain-free ankle after a sprain does not mean all is normal

Oct 8, 2015

The American College of Sports Medicine says 25,000 people sprain their ankles every day in the United States. Some of those injuries recover over time…

Laina Harris

Two-thirds of Clark County adults are overweight or obese. Laina Harris of Camas is one of those adults. At her heaviest, Harris weighed 420 pounds. Today, she's more than 100 pounds lighter and armed with the resolve to lose more weight. This occasional series follows her journey.

Lawmakers question effectiveness of dietary guidelines

WASHINGTON -- Lawmakers on Wednesday asked federal officials whether Americans should trust the government's dietary guidelines, which inform everything from school lunches to advice from…


School is back in session. Are your kids up to date on their immunizations?

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