McGrath's Fish House still a fine catch

Why: McGrath's Fish House opened in 1980 with its first location in Salem, Ore. The restaurant quickly gained popularity with people of the Pacific Northwest who enjoyed fresh, local seafood and more restaurant locations were added in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Utah over the next 35 years. The Vancouver location opened in 1999 and has become a local favorite for many.

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New tech is changing the restaurant reservations game

At noon on a recent Wednesday in May, San Francisco's Lazy Bear restaurant began taking reservations for June. Just 45 minutes later, nearly every seat for the entire month was sold out.

Hough neighborhood sounds alarm over wall

For Hough neighborhood resident Justin Stanley, the tipping point wasn't the people camping in the Mill Plain Boulevard sound wall's alcoves. Or the needles, trash, clothes and feces they'd leave behind.

Dog bite study: Family pets often responsible

PHOENIX — Prior studies have shown that most dog bite injuries result from family dogs. A new study conducted by Mayo Clinic and Phoenix Children's Hospital shed some further light on the nature of these injuries.

L.A.-area couple host roots music shows in living room

SANTA PAULA, Calif. — It is late in the afternoon, that time when the light begins to soften and the orange groves seem to shiver in the breeze. More than six dozen people have piled into a century-old farmhouse in the Santa Clara River Valley for an old-time music concert.

Catholics' relationship with science evolving

From Galileo to genetics, the Roman Catholic Church has danced with science, sometimes in a high-tension tango but more often in a supportive waltz. Pope Francis is about to introduce a new twist: global warming.



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