The Columbian believes strongly in being a positive influence on education in Clark County, and we think our products and services offer a wealth of learning opportunities for students of all ages.

NIE Department
360-737-3212 Resource Page
An online resource with over 300 downloadable tabs and guides.

Introduction to the e-Edition Lesson Plan

Save the Planet
Are you concerned about the environment? Use your newspaper to get the facts and act!

Money Matters
How to Earn it, Save it, Make it Grow

Volunteer: Change the World
Learn how to use the newspaper to find the right opportunity for you.

Finding the Right Job for You

Feeling Good, Eating Right
The Big Scoop: Find out the latest news on nutrition and fitness, rate recipes and restaurants in the food section, choose the best diets for you, and more!

Strong at Heart
A health guide for teens, learn how your heart works, you can get fit and have fun, tips for a heart-healthy diet!

Geography in the news
From the Front Page to the Sports Section, Geography Rules!

History in Your Own Backyard
Learn how to use the newspaper to uncover your town's past, interview like a pro and preserve our heritage for future generations!

You Have the Rights!
The first amendment in the news.

Election Extra
What’s the connection between newspapers and elections? The paper keeps you up-to-date on what candidates are doing and saying.

Teacher's Guides
There are a variety of resources at your disposal.

Commonly used terms
What does that mean? The newspaper business uses a lot of lingo -- and it can get kind of confusing.