Photo of Brady Berkenmeier

Brady Berkenmeier (Student, Co-creator of Fort Vancouver Mobile Project in WSU Vancouver) says...

We've got hot spots throughout the site. It creates a more interactive learning environment. History's important. This is the future of historic sites.

Photo of Samantha Goetze

Samantha Goetze (Student, Co-creator of Sensor-Based Environment for Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement in WSU Vancouver) says...

We're involving technology in the learning process. We're looking to incorporate their (the students') understanding of technology to help them learn. It's a way to take what they already know and incorporate it into learning.

Photo of Charvel Nelson

Charvel Nelson (Student, Creator of A Life Reconciled: Graphic Depiction of Child Slavery in WSU Vancouver) says...

It brings more awareness to people here that slavery isn't over. It blows your mind that this is happening in your own backyard. The reality is that people are being exploited in this way. It's heart-breaking that this is happening.

Photo of Jon Anderson

Jon Anderson (Student, Researcher of Bull Trout Nutrition and Spawning Levels in WSU Vancouver) says...

I'm seeing that these fish are capable of spawning multiple times. The frequency of spawning is determined by what they're eating. Most food goes into energy, end essential nutrients are critical to well-being.

Photo of Rebecca Royce

Rebecca Royce (Student/Clark County Community Services Employee, Research of Community Services Reorganization Plan in WSU Vancouver) says...

We deal with the public. It's important to integrate all the projects we offer, so if someone comes in, we can help them reach that end goal faster and more efficiently. We're trying to transform into a regional health care system. We have to do it are way or be dictated to.

Photo of Removed

Removed ( in ) says...



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