Photo of Ryan Johnson (senior)

Ryan Johnson (senior) (Defensive line, tight end in Mountain View High School) says...

Mckenzie is my favorite stadium to play in, but I hate the AstroTurf. It would be the best stadium if it had field turf.

Photo of Tyler Bergeron (senior)

Tyler Bergeron (senior) (Wide receiver, running back, cornerback, quarterback in Battle Ground High School) says...

District stadium of corse! I love playing in front of our home crowd. We have one of the best crowds around. Nothing beats those friday night lights!

Photo of Patrick Mayolo

Patrick Mayolo (Running back in La Center High School) says...

I haven't had a chance to play there yet but I have a feeling that the Tacoma Dome is the best stadium around! Playing there would be an experience I'd never forget!


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