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January 27, 2013

The Union High School Competitive Cheerleading Team takes first
place in the 4A Small Category at the WIAA State Cheerleading
Competition in Seattle, Washington. Team members (bottom row, left to
right): Meg Spiegelberg, Caitlin Glass, Mackenzie Nelson, Mckensie
Carnahan, Meghan Takayoshi, Courtney Wood, (top row, left to right):
Cara Barney, Kiley McCarroll, Brenda Wang, Alyssa Railing, Megan Nelson,
Olivia Quinonez, Sabrina Larson, Skylar Carnahan, and Madison Spencer.
The team is coached by Head Coach, Tiffany Webb, and Assistant Coaches,
Rochell Hesse, Elana Towers, and Michelle Zapp. Photo taken by Dave