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Will: Planned Eisenhower memorial a disservice to Ike

By George Will August 23, 2015 6 a.m.

We could wearily shrug, say "Oh, well," and economize waste and annoyance by just building the proposed $142 million Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial. But long after its perpetrators are gone, it would squat there, representing Washington at its worst and proving that we have forgotten how to nurture our national memory with intelligent memorials.

Will: A counterfeit Republican

By George Will August 16, 2015 6 a.m.

In every town large enough to have two traffic lights there is a bar at the back of which sits the local Donald Trump, nursing his fifth beer and innumerable delusions. Because the actual Donald Trump is wealthy, he can turn himself into an unprecedentedly and incorrigibly vulgar presidential candidate. It is his right to use his riches as he pleases. His squalid performance and its coarsening of civic life are costs of freedom that an open society must be prepared to pay.

Will: Historian shed unwavering light on Russia

By George Will August 9, 2015 6 a.m.

History books can be historic events, making history by ending important arguments. They can make it impossible for any intellectually honest person to assert certain propositions that once enjoyed considerable currency among people purporting to care about evidence.

Will: Iran deal is bad history

By George Will August 2, 2015 6 a.m.

It came two days after the announcement of the nuclear agreement with Iran, yet little mention was made on July 16 of the 70th anniversary of the first nuclear explosion, near Alamogordo, N.M. The anniversary underscored that the agreement attempts to thwart proliferation of technology seven decades old.

Will: EU always a terrible idea

By George Will July 12, 2015 6 a.m.

When Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras decided to call a referendum on a bailout offer from Greece's creditors — an offer that expired before the July 5 referendum — he informed the Greek nation in a televised speech. At 1 a.m.

Will: GOP hopefuls unhinged over marriage ruling

By George Will July 5, 2015 6 a.m.

In 1824, in retirement 37 years after serving as the Constitutional Convention's prime mover, James Madison, 73, noted that the 1787 "language of our Constitution is already undergoing interpretations unknown to its founders." He knew that the purport of the text would evolve "with the changeable meaning of the words composing it."

Will: Some questions for candidate Clinton

By George Will June 28, 2015 6 a.m.

Hillary Clinton's reticence is drowning out her message, which is that she is the cure for the many ailments that afflict America during a second Democratic presidential term. Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., has called her "the most opaque person you'll ever meet in your life," but when opacity yields to the necessity of answering questions, here are a few:

Will: 'Progressive' firms having identity crisis

By George Will June 21, 2015 6 a.m.

In January, McDonald's, leaning against the winds of fashion, said kale would never replace lettuce on its burgers. In May, however, it said it will test kale in a breakfast meal (breakfast is about 25 percent of McDonald's sales). Kale might or might not cause construction workers to turn at 6 a.m. into a drive-through line, where approximately two-thirds of McDonald's customers place their orders.

Will: GOP must save free trade

By George Will June 14, 2015 6 a.m.

Before presidential politics — the game of getting to 270 electoral votes — completely eclipses governing, there is the urgent task of getting to 217 votes in the House of Representatives to pass Trade Promotion Authority. This would guarantee a vote without amendments on the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement.

Will: Sanders' 'Socialist' charade

By George Will June 7, 2015 6 a.m.

Does any stricture of journalistic propriety or social etiquette require us to participate in Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders' charade? Is it obligatory to take seriously his pose of being an "independent" and a "socialist"? It gives excitable Democratic activists a frisson of naughtiness to pretend that he is both. Actually, he is neither.

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