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Working in Clark County: Barbara Erskine, speech pathologist

By Mary Ricks December 15, 2014 6 a.m.

Barbara Erskine has always known what she wanted to do in life. She became a speech pathologist and today is still as passionate about her career as when she first began. "I am always happiest when helping other people. I get a wonderful feeling to be part of seeing my clients overcome their communication challenges," she said.

Mountain View sophomore achieves Eagle Scout rank

By Mary Ricks December 10, 2014 6 a.m.

Connor Franklin Johnson, 15, received his Eagle Scout award on Nov. 22 at St. Andrew Lutheran Church. He is a member of Columbia Gorge District, Troop 648. His scoutmaster is Jim Sciortino.

Working in Clark County: Ed Buma, journeyman lineman/serviceman

By Mary Ricks December 8, 2014 6 a.m.

Ed Buma knew he didn't want to have a desk job. He didn't get one. As a journeyman lineman/serviceman he is always outside and many times has left home in the middle of the night to go out in freezing rain or snow. "My job has been very rewarding to me," the easygoing Camas resident says. "You just have to put on your gear and suck it up, because you are out there until you get the lights back on."

Working in Clark County: Ron Wells, cobbler

By Mary Ricks December 1, 2014 6 a.m.

Ron Wells has been repairing shoes most of his life. I am always learning something new, he says. Educating the public about repairing shoes instead of buying new is a challenge. Shoes are not a throwaway product.

Working in Clark County: Todd Shade, C-Tran coach operator

By Mary Ricks November 24, 2014 6 a.m.

When he was a youngster, Todd Shade rode the bus around Portland with his grandmother. He told her someday he would be driving the bus. He kept his promise and this year his peers awarded him the title C-Tran Operator of the Year. "I enjoy what I do," Shade said. "I like the interaction with the riders and other people at C-Tran."

Working in Clark County: Patrick Gallaher, pharmacist

By Mary Ricks November 17, 2014 6 a.m.

Patrick Gallaher started thinking about a career in pharmacy because he admired his scoutmaster, who was a pharmacist. Now he likes what he does, and he is working on a plan to change the way some patients are treated. When someone does not need medication any more, that is a good thing. "I love having the chance to contribute to someone's success," Gallaher said.

Four advance to rank of Eagle Scout

By Mary Ricks November 12, 2014 6 a.m.

Four Boy Scouts from the Fort Vancouver District have been advanced to the rank of Eagle Scout. They include:

Working in Clark County: Tiona Dumas, hotel catering and events director

By Mary Ricks November 10, 2014 6 a.m.

From the time she was a child, Tiona Dumas wanted to own a hotel. Working in one as an event and catering director is the next best thing. "Where else can you arrange a safari-themed event with a live tiger or schedule fire dancers?" said Dumas, who was recently named "Outstanding Tourism Professional" for 2014 by Visit Vancouver USA. "I like creating experiences," she added.

Fort Vancouver District advances eight to rank of Eagle Scout

By Mary Ricks November 5, 2014 6 a.m.

Eight Boy Scouts from Fort Vancouver District were advanced to the rank of Eagle Scout in August. They include:

Working in Clark County: Kevin Nettleingham, audio engineer

By Mary Ricks November 3, 2014 6 a.m.

From the first time Kevin Nettleingham walked into a recording studio he was fascinated with the process. It wasn't long until he was off to college to learn more about the recording industry. Nettleingham returned to Vancouver, and for 17 years he has run his own studio.

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