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Squirrel Refuge a squirrel safety zone

By Stover E. Harger III July 20, 2014 6 a.m.

Jackie Marsden's phone rang, as it does most days, with a plea for help: A postal worker had accidently hit a squirrel with her truck.

Bits 'n' Pieces: Burgers fuel charity bike ride

By Stover E. Harger III July 12, 2014 6 a.m.

Their hunger to give back rivals their hunger for burgers.

Off Beat: Nearly 60 years later, Vancouver still on Willie Nelson's mind

By Stover E. Harger III June 22, 2014 8:27 p.m.

During Willie Nelson's time in Vancouver in the late 1950s, he was a "cotton-pickin', snuff-dippin', tobacca-chewin', stump-jumpin', gravy-soppin', coffee-pot-dodgin', dumplin-eatin', frog-giggin', hillbilly from Hill County, Texas."

Bits 'n' Pieces: Kids have appetite for culture

By Stover E. Harger III June 21, 2014 6 a.m.

Sunset Elementary School teacher Rachelle Matheson knew kids love to eat, but she was surprised at how hungry they were to learn.

The new bounty at Orchards Elementary

By Stover E. Harger III June 18, 2014 6 a.m.

Now Orchards Elementary can live up to its name.

Taking the dogs for a long walk

By Stover E. Harger III June 13, 2014 9:57 p.m.

When his dog Malcolm died in 2006 after a devastating battle with bone cancer, Luke Robinson found solace in an inspired mission: to spread awareness about cancer in dogs as a way to learn more about the horrible disease that affects so many, from pups to people.

Bits 'n' Pieces: Art about the power of 'YES!'

By Stover E. Harger III June 6, 2014 6 a.m.

'YES!" is about big ideas and big art.

Bits 'n' Pieces: B.G. teenager pins her Rose Festival queen hopes on pennies

By Stover E. Harger III May 24, 2014 6 a.m.

A century ago, a 17-year-old Portland railroad office clerk became queen. That was Thelma Hollingsworth, the first to be elected queen of the Portland Rose Festival. It cost a penny to buy 10 votes, and she won with more than 2 million nods. Now, 100 years later, a Clark College freshman is hoping to wear her crown.

'Gideon's Army' rallies around 4-year-old boy

By Stover E. Harger III May 22, 2014 8:22 p.m.

For one night, at least, the 4-year-old boy didn't think about the terrifying truth of cancer.

Bits 'n' Pieces: Artist's Burnt Bridge Creek school mural fetes literacy

By Stover E. Harger III May 10, 2014 6 a.m.

Eve Ellis-Carlson likes to paint big, in scope and size.

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