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Estrich: Online quiz has potential to draw people into democracy

By Susan Estrich June 21, 2015 6 a.m.

There is nothing as depressing as asking young people whether they plan to participate in the election and hearing them tell you they have no idea which candidate to be for or what the differences are or, worse, that it doesn't matter.

Estrich: GOP victimizes victims

By Susan Estrich March 22, 2015 6 a.m.

What can't Congress do? Here's the short answer: Anything.

Estrich: Clinton fuels email fire

By Susan Estrich March 15, 2015 6 a.m.

It's always nice to know, as I sit here writing, that somebody out there might be listening. This week, I know for sure. My last column essentially asked: What's the big deal about Hillary's emails if she's turning them over anyway?

Estrich: Presidents should be honored

By Susan Estrich February 22, 2015 6 a.m.

The headline that caught my attention on Presidents Day could not have been starker, colder: "Intense Republican Hate Is Skewing Obama Polls."

Estrich: Obama's big challenge

By Susan Estrich September 21, 2014 6 a.m.

'If we take the proper steps, we can save lives, but we have to act fast," President Obama said on Tuesday. "We can't dawdle on this one. We have to move with force and make sure that we are catching this as best we can given that this has broken out in ways we have not seen before."

Estrich: Innocent citizens victims of terror

By Susan Estrich August 10, 2014 6 a.m.

'I'm just saying, you know, if I were Osama Bin Laden — he's a very smart guy, I've spent a lot of time thinking about him — and I nearly got him once. I nearly got him. And I could have killed him, but I would have to destroy a little town called Kandahar in Afghanistan and kill 300 innocent women and children, and then I would have been no better than him."

Estrich: All parties involved in heroin death should pay price

By Susan Estrich July 20, 2014 6 a.m.

The news that Google executive Forrest Hayes died on a yacht after being injected with heroin by a "date" he met on a website that connects "sugar daddies" with "sugar babies" has prompted not only charges against the woman, 26-year-old Alix Tichelman, and an investigation of a similar death (ruled accidental) involving Tichelman in 2013, but also questions about the website that brought the husband and father into contact with the woman who literally killed him.

Estrich: Israel-haters are killers, hate America too

By Susan Estrich July 13, 2014 6 a.m.

Jerusalem used to be safe. It is nearly 40 miles from Gaza and 3,000 feet above sea level. In the last go-round, the Hamas rockets couldn't reach that far. Now they can. Rockets were fired aimed at both Jerusalem and Tel Aviv last week, as Israel launched its own offensive in Gaza. "Every Israeli is a target," a Hamas spokesman was quoted in the press.

Estrich: Democracy flawed, effective system

By Susan Estrich July 6, 2014 6 a.m.

Every four years, at some point in the presidential campaign, one candidate says something that leads the other to accuse him (or her) of challenging his (or her) patriotism, and then we have a 48-hour spat over who called who unpatriotic, and then we go back to the usual political game in which talking heads viciously attack each other 24/7.

Estrich: Sterling's vulgar behavior should come as no surprise

By Susan Estrich May 18, 2014 6 a.m.

My friends from outside of Los Angeles are horrified. "Donald Sterling is a pig?" they say with surprise. "A racist, ignorant, loud-mouthed fool?" And Jewish, to boot. This is not, my mother would have said, good for the Jews.

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