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Sowell: Supreme Court dismantling power of 'we the people'

By Thomas Sowell June 30, 2015 6 a.m.

Many people are looking at the recent Supreme Court decisions about Obamacare and same-sex marriage in terms of whether they think these are good or bad policies. That is certainly a legitimate concern, for both those who favor those policies and those who oppose them.

Sowell: Choosing Clinton based on gender inviting disaster

By Thomas Sowell June 23, 2015 6 a.m.

There are no sure things in politics, but Hillary Clinton is the closest thing to a sure thing to become the Democrats' candidate for president in 2016.

Sowell: 'Micro-aggression' efforts seek to silence dissenters

By Thomas Sowell June 16, 2015 6 a.m.

The political left has come up with a new buzzword: "micro-aggression."

Sowell: Mistakes made in Iraq, but Obama's prove most costly

By Thomas Sowell June 9, 2015 6 a.m.

After the pro-Western government of China was forced to flee to the island of Taiwan in 1949, when the Communists took over mainland China, bitter recriminations in Washington led to the question: "Who lost China?" China was, of course, never ours to lose, though it might be legitimate to ask if a different American policy toward China could have led to a different outcome.

Sowell: Innocent people pay cost of political expediency

By Thomas Sowell June 2, 2015 6 a.m.

Baltimore is now paying the price for irresponsible words and actions, not only by young thugs in the streets, but also by its mayor and the state prosecutor, both of whom threw the police to the wolves in order to curry favor with local voters.

Sowell: Give a graduate the gift of alternative to far-left views

By Thomas Sowell May 26, 2015 6 a.m.

This is the season of college graduations, and many people may be wondering what kinds of gifts would be most appropriate for young people leaving the world of academia and heading out to face the challenges and opportunities of adulthood in the real world.

Sowell: 'Legacy of slavery' argument an evasion of responsibilty

By Thomas Sowell May 5, 2015 6 a.m.

Among the many painful ironies in the current racial turmoil is that communities scattered across the country were disrupted by riots and looting because of the demonstrable lie that Michael Brown was shot in the back by a white policeman in Missouri — but there was not nearly as much turmoil created by the demonstrable fact that a fleeing black man was shot dead by a white policeman in South Carolina.

Sowell: There's nothing to learn from European antitrust laws

By Thomas Sowell April 28, 2015 6 a.m.

We all make mistakes and some of us learn from them. What is even better is to learn from other people's mistakes, where they pay for those mistakes while we learn free of charge.

Sowell: Primary chaos will sort out contenders, pretenders

By Thomas Sowell April 21, 2015 6 a.m.

Painful as it is to realize that both the Democrats and the Republicans will still be holding their primaries a year from now, that is one of the high prices we pay for democracy.

Sowell: 'Climate change' debate should be settled by science

By Thomas Sowell April 14, 2015 6 a.m.

How long will this country remain free? Probably only as long as the American people value their freedom enough to defend it. But how many people today can stop looking at their electronic devices long enough to even think about such things?

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