Rediscovering Vancouver Barracks

New, nonmilitary future in store for 366-acre historic site

Ever wonder who works in the buildings in Vancouver Barracks? We did, and decided it was time to find out. After all, the Army plans to leave the barracks by this time next year. So, with help from the Army, the National Park Service and the Fort Vancouver National Trust we set out to learn the history and current use of each building in the West, East and South barracks. We figured a huge print map in The Columbian would be fascinating. But then we realized by creating an interactive map for www.columbian.com we could have a lasting, living document. Columbian artist Marsha Matta created the interactive map. We hope you enjoy clicking around the map and finding explanations, photographs and videos. Our thanks to dozens of persons who work in Vancouver Barracks for helping us with the project. —Dave Kern, project editor

  • Tour the barracks

    « Back All those buildings in Vancouver Barracks and Officers Row need no longer be a mystery. Click around our interactive map, created by Columbian artist Marsha Matta. You'll find photos, descriptions and videos. Take your time because there's plenty to see.

  • East Barracks

    « Back Grab a glimpse of 160 years of military history with our stories and photos. Learn about units that have drilled in the barracks, including the "Timberwolves."

  • West Barracks

    « Back Could a hotel, an arts facility and other commercial buildings be in West Barracks' future? With the success of the Red Cross building as a place for special occasions, the folks at the Fort Vancouver National Trust are hoping to make big things happen.

  • Web extras

    « Back Read more about the Red Cross building and the Artillery Barracks and read a historian's account of 160 years at Vancouver Barracks.

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