Getting to growth: Land, Labor & Capital

A path to economic recovery in Clark County

The first installment of The Columbian's "Getting to Growth" series kicks off the search for a path to recovery, in part, by showing how one company came back from the brink. Columbia Vista's example also sheds light on the broader challenges the county faces as it struggles to effectively position its land, labor and capital.

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Land, labor and capital keys to Clark County's economy

Part one in the "Getting to Growth" series

It’s a three-step recipe for reviving an economy: take land, add labor and stir in capital. Companies still need smart leaders and strong products, of course, but when a community can offer places to operate, a work force trained to do the job, and money to pay the way, solid businesses are positioned to grow.

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Land: Key ingredient for Clark County growth

Clark County’s hunger for housing has had real consequences for employers.

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Labor: Training key to healthy workforce

The types of jobs held by Clark County workers were transformed in the first decade of the 2000s — to sometimes devastating effect.

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Capital: Paying for growth

If businesses can’t borrow the cash they need to grow and to hire workers, it won’t matter how much training or education people receive.

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