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Ridgefield man sentenced for illegally hunting

adzam _ first of all, you know how i know your gay? you drive a mazda! second of all you and dick are probably best friends because both of your posts are ridiculously retarded. let me tell you how.

you said that
"not one post here mentions that they are here illegally" even though in your own post you said "I think deportation would be more fitting in most law breaking instances." ? obviously you were referring to them as illegals because for the most notable instance isn't it true that if illegals cause a crime in the states of certian extent (degree) they can be deported.. ya! thats what i thought....you should try again! just because they have russian sounding names doesnt always mean they are illegals or should be deported. they have probably lived here longer than you have been alive.

Im actually embarrased for you because you posts comments, when you actually have no clue what you are even talking about, i dont know why you posts them in the first place....posting them probably gets you hard or makes you feel good about your self. Good try buddy! better luck next time

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Ridgefield man sentenced for illegally hunting

stereotypical americans, i love it!! everyone that has posted something is probably not even american there families probably migrated here from hell knows where and now they are entitled to posting rude comments about this situation. yes it was a mistake on there parts for sure. but it is extremely embarrassing being a citizen of the states for over 45 years and to hear this kind of hatred still going amongst our local news and community.

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