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What follows Phillips?

by all means Mike... let's hire all the Mayors of the economic area so that we can realize what the good Mayors can accomplish with tax money to them what they could not accomplish as elected officials.

Mike, you need to take your meds more often to ensure the "dream-state" continues for you. Isn't the mother ship waiting for you.

I believe this is the "barnyard" variety of perspective. Just remember... don't step in it and it is different from "shinola". Just FYI to help you through these times.

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East county cities get look at draft agreement

BTW... "Self Destruction".... are you former Mayor Dennis?.... would be logical.

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All together now: ‘Thanks, Florida!’

Mr. Laird is paid to print his viewpoint. I can respect that because he does listen and can do it in a civil manor befitting one that represents the C.... Just like Lou B.

We can beat up on him but he seldom, if ever, shouts down anyone who disagrees with him and I like that in a person.

He actually reminds me of Rep. Tim Provst (D-Van).... a fine man and a man of character. Tim will listen very carefully to all who care to voice their opinions and even though we may disagree one ends up liking Tim very much.

I think the C needs to watch Rep. Tim Provst..... he will someday be Gov. of Washington State. And here is the kicker..... I disagree with him probably 80% of the time.... but, my wife and I will be the first to contribute to his run.... yes, he is that good. We need people like him representing us... not the folks who used to be Mayor of Camas who's character is very much in question and now riding the public dole of feathering his nest.

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All together now: ‘Thanks, Florida!’

SPJay... so all businessmen are evil and they make that evil money. Kinda like Ross Perot?... Kinda like Steve Forbes?.... ah... that is evil incarnate in the form of those evil rich folks who pay no taxes.

If he did all you say then wouldn't Attn. Gen. Holder be all over his back side with subpoenas?... when might those be served an the Governor?

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All together now: ‘Thanks, Florida!’

agreed Lance... sounds like Florida has the first inkling of a neuron for fiscal responsibility that Mr. Laird thinks is bad fiscal policy.

Mr. Laird would do well in Washington DC while the Florida Gov. would probably do well in private business where the money isn't printed but earned.

Thanks Gov. Scott for showing some "Cajones" and actually governing for you state.... unlike other Gov's that think ..."Well someone will spend it, why not me?"

How about a "Dept. of Fiscal Reclamation" that would allow gov't entities to not spend money and put it on account instead of spend it or loose it. Gee,... kinda like a bank allows you to, what's that word?... oh, "save" the money.

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East county cities get look at draft agreement

...and also,.... "10 years gents, 10 years".... I certainly hope Camas/Washougal doesn't look the same since it is a crime to have let the economic situation become so dire in downtown Camas. It sounds as if Mr. Dennis is making the argument "pay me a lot of money and I'll bring you business,... but, I could not get anyone to move here and we lost jobs under my watch so pay no attention to my performance... just my promise. " Spoken like a true taxpayer supported entity that has all the rose colored glasses you need to get elected and then payed off in kind for "good ol' boy" politics.

Mike.... I sure hope Camas doesn't look anything like it does 10 year from now. People like me who bring real jobs and real money into the business community hate to see what is happening because we veer away from communities like Camas/Washougal and go to places that actually do something to help those who live in the community.

I don't think many live off of "hot air" in Camas but ... that is what is being served up at cost to the taxpayer. 10 years gents.... if Camas cannot improve the business environment in 2 then I will be putting millions into another local and people like Mr. Dennis/Mike and dlarson will be singing the praises of ...... emptiness and hear the echo of nothingness.

BTW.... anyone want to buy the old US Post Office in downtown Camas.... no?... sorry to hear that. It will eventually sell for less than $250K. if that just to get it off the US Govt list. .... Maybe Mr. Dennis can buy it for his new office annex... near where he did buisness while actually claiming to help Camas as Mayor.......

Who was actually driving the night of his accident in his red Dodge pick-up?... I would like to know... and, I don't believe it was his wife... the seat was back to far for a 5ft, 5 inch woman. The officer investigating said it was for a person who was over 6 feet..... hmmmmm? Was his wife in the drivers seat?....

... anyone know? I would like to know.

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East county cities get look at draft agreement

... then take it up with Mr. Fisher's own words.

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East county cities get look at draft agreement

Mr. Fisher is moving his business here because he wants to escape California State income tax and regulation. A cheaper, comparatively, to California, location.... which is just about anywhere in the US.

He also stated he wanted to not only see a state income tax defeated but... decisively defeated and threatened to not build here if passed. He also said he would not move into Washington if passed. So, Mr. Dennis and Clark Co. had nothing to do with his move... taxes.. and the defeat of a state income tax is the key. No person, but logic in that if we tax him... he will go elsewhere. Any opposing views?

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East county cities get look at draft agreement

..and so,... Mr. Dennis is going to accomplish what Mayor Dennis could not?

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East county cities get look at draft agreement

dlarson... the limo is outside with Mike inside waiting for your evals at the mental hospital. If a person cannot deliver as Mayor... then why reward him/her with a contract to do what they couldn't accomplish as an elected official. Seems like the office was simply a stepping stone to his reward.... like most in Washington.

The perspective of those of you who have never had to live/die by the private sector is appalling.
...again, much like those who are professional politicians till the payoff of feather the nest of public money.

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