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Open Forum, July 4-10

Elisi.. I remember those photo's.. Montana has a milk price control and has been expensive since the 70's.. the pictures of all the milk being dumped just floored us. what a waste..
But ours is the generation of want and waste, our kids are even lousier about it than we ever were. They are more of the got to have it now, right now. Ignore the cost.
That seems to be the thinking of almost all of the locally elected public officals. It is criminal the amout of money Americans are on the hook for, just from the Federal Goverment. Now the local political hacks want to bury this region in billions of debt with the CRC, Vancouver's new waterfront, professional sports, light rail, and now I read in the Columbian that the port of Camas-Washougal have designs on the Hambleton sawmill property. This reeks of leftovers of RiverWalk. Hambleton sawmill property is owned by several members of the Hambleton family, and I know one of them personally. He is always supprized when I read Columbian stories about his property being taken over the Port of Camas-Washougal. Is this RiverWalk-2?

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Open Forum, June 27- July 3

Notice how the discussions are so much tamer... less the trolls of course.

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Open Forum, June 27- July 3

What do you guys think of the new requirement of faceplant accounts? I joined just to be able to post on the Columbian, and not even sure if they are being seen by everyone. The Columbian required access to all kinds of where I have been information, going to be interesting how it will be used.
Miss the old style guys, and in input you folks brought to the discussions.

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Hi Golden... Miss ya lady, the Columbian hasn't been the same since they started faceplant..

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Columbia River Crossing forum

Nice to see the forum section is alive and well..

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Letter: Taxes must be paid for best services

When you start paying taxes you attitude may be different.

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Shuffling of state agencies stirs worry

Talk about your cradle to grave mentality, you owe us thinking. Believe it is time to treat goverment like a business. We the taxpayer are entitled to get the most out of every dollar that is taken away from us to be used for goverment. We are entitled that the most efficent use of our money is what we expect, and if outsourcing outside state agencys is what it takes then we as taxpayers should expect it to happen.
The big problem is the good old boys club of goverment, taking care of their own. This is why term limits are so important. It cuts the ties of special interest groups to our elected representatives, and if not done we end up with the results like we have now in the US Senate. The only time Cantwell and Murry has anything to do with Washington State is when they are due reelection. And our local officals are being courted and supported and do not look out who they were elected to represent, the taxpayer.

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Cantwell: Gas prices cost Wash. drivers $672M more

Cantwell is just another career politican, putting her hopes that Seattle will reelect her to office.

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Letter: Now is not the time for a new bridge

Fact check.. The taxpayers of this region cannot afford the dreams of downtown Portland and Vancouver. We cannot, and will not spend 10 billion for a new CRC. Those who support this economy distroying project have shows their faces, and need to be held accountable. The time to elect new faces to replace one term tim, and the other Vancouver city councel members who support the CRC. Taxpayer focus should also include the Clark County Comissioners, and every business that advocates for tolls and increased property taxes supporting the CRC.
The taxpayers won't forget not being allowed a voice in the economy distroying project, and look forward to new faces in local goverment, and businesses being boycotted because of their support for the CRC, and taxpayers not being allowed a say in its construction.

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Talking Points: NASCAR conspiracy theory

Whoever wrote this is not a fan of sports.

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