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Police arrest man suspected of raping woman at knife point

It's good that we can put him in prison with our taxes and make him a better, more powerful rapist rather than spend our taxes on national health care for those waste of space law abiding tax payers.... this is sarcasim.

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Vancouver's romance rates high

AAAAAA... Come on, quit trying to church it up, I've seen you all driving.

It's called **Vantucky.**
Get used to it.

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Governor plans visit to ask about spending priorities

As long as there are checks in her checkbook...




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Builders are working on the railroad

lance obviously has a vested intrest

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Cantwell promotes small-business loan fund

Where do the money's come from to fill this fund?

am I correct in assuming the money come's from the tax payer?

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Builders are working on the railroad

I don't understand why the american tax payer let's this government just give OUR money away to people who already have money.

I know this is off topic but Hilery just gave Pakistan a BILLION of OUR dollars to help them out with a little water issue they have...

I'm thinking that money would go along way for a national health care..

I'm sorry for comming off as a stingy american,I guess it's good buisiness to make sure the taliban is well hydrated and the railroad won't have to use their billions to make even more money.

I have pride and even served my country..what a waste of time that was.

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Naked cyclist will pay $50 ticket to end criminal case

the world is nuts!

nut's HA HA HA HA HA

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Naked cyclist will pay $50 ticket to end criminal case

if he had just applied for a concealed weapon? permit.
butt then where would he keep it.. the permit.

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8-lane bridge seems dead-end idea

Third world country here we come...

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Light-rail opponents are gathering signatures

I don't believe we can stop the crime train...and by crime train I mean the good hard working citizens of dark county will have to pay to have the crime imported.
Then if they happen to buy something here we're going to give them some of our tax money to take home with them.

I think it's only fair that we should not have to pay oregons income tax if we work there and live here in sw washington.

Every dog want's a bone, I'm sure we'll get ours.

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