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Probst, Stonier for 17th District positions

It is not a good idea to make the mistake of continuing to drive in Washington with an Oregon plate even if you had a legitimate reason for doing it at one point. However, making that mistake doesn't make you any more of a cheater than buying goods in Oregon and then failing to report those purchases immediately when you come back across the border. How many people (cheaters) at the Columbian are guilty of that crime?

I'm not worried about the $75 loss to the state revenues I'm worried about the hundreds of millions of dollars that are being misspent by state government. This has especially been the case when it comes to educational dollars.

Making an environmental mistake when working in a high risk business like the paint industry is equivalent to getting the facts wrong when writing articles for the newspaper; I wonder how many thousands of times that has happen to Columbian writers. That doesn't make you a cheater or disqualify you for running for office.

Here is what real cheating is: it's claiming that you cut the budget when all you really did was slow down the growth of government a little. The new state budget was not a cut!: It spends more than the previous state budget. We're talking millions here not pocket change.

The Columbian belittles Paul Harris because he was laid off during this recession. I guess they feel same way about the reporters they laid off during these tough economic times.

I can't hear what the Columbian is trying to say because their hypocrisy is deafening.

The truth is that Paul Harris has paid his dues and has been an entrepreneur who understands how jobs are created; exactly the type of person we need in government at this time. He also served his community by being involved and serving as a school board member. In both cases Paul Harris has shown that he is willing to step up to the plate and take the heat in order to better our society.

The Columbian has every right to endorse whoever they want for office but pointing out petty mistakes that people have made while ignoring issues that involve hundreds of millions of dollars only demeans the value of any endorsement they might make.

Paul Harris brings a wealth of experience and integrity to the table. He will win this race and represent the real concerns of southwest Washington. He deserves a lot better from the Columbian.

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In our view: ‘Race to the Trough’?

Kudos to Mark Mansell......

La Center Superintendent Mark Mansell said, “Any time you chase money and not an idea, it’s not meaningful change. It has no real impact. That’s the thing that makes me really, really upset about this. We’re chasing after the money.”

What a refreshing point of view. I'm glad to see someone who is willing to stand up and say no.... even when it means rejecting money!!!

Why should we reject RttT?

How about 1) the federal government has no money to give us.... they are taking it from future generations 2) Both state and federal government have shown they are incompetent to improve education.... why would we follow any plan that they suggest?.... 3) Local control of education made us number one in the world and prepared us to send a man to the moon.... state and federal intervention has sent us to the back of the pack... 4) The amount of money they are offering will have zero impact on education in this state....but it comes with huge consequences...5) They want us to abandon our new revised math standards in favor of weaker national standards.... 6) There is not one proven solution in RttT or in HSB6696 as passed by the legislature... 7) More hoops, more education time wasted, more false promises, more chaos...

These are just a few reasons off the top of my head....

This addiction to money mirrors the addiction of an addict to drugs. I often hear it said that we will never win the war on drugs as long as people keep taking drugs no matter what the consequences. We also will never win the war over deficit spending as long as people take the money no matter what the consequences. Educators ought to be the ones most concerned about the harm we are doing to our kids and future generations. Do we really need this money so bad that we are willing to charge it to our kids? A people who have an addiction so strong that they are willing to sacrifice their children are a people headed for total disaster.

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Seattle school district appeals math ruling

Basically what Judge Spector ruled in this case was that the Seattle School district provided no evidence to support their decision. The judge also pointed out that they ignored a mountain of evidence that was presented to them during hearing process. Evidence like the curriculum they selected was found to be mathematically unsound by two nationally known independent mathematicians and it was not recommended by the Superintendent of Public Instruction.

When the case went to court the Seattle school district presented 1100 pages of so called “evidence”. None of that material contained any of the opposing data that was submitted to them prior to their decision. They more or less proved the case against themselves. They ignored tons of data when they made their decision and they ignored it when they went to court.

The judge simply pointed out that when you completely ignore any contrary evidence when making decisions you are acting in an “arbitrary” and “capricious” manner. The terms “arbitrary” and “capricious” are legal terms that by law can’t be ignored by elected public officials.

The Seattle school district claimed they presented evidence for their decision. The judge said they did not. Certainly the judge is an expert in what constitutes evidence not the Seattle school officials. The appeal of this decision only further demonstrates the same arrogance in the decision making process that the Seattle school district has demonstrated throughout this debacle.

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If the past has nothing to offer the present then the present has nothing to offer the future....

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It’s time for another decade debate

Wow.....there's a lot of anger out there.... What's wrong with a little fun once in awhile.... Great article John...

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Dem’s gibe at Herrera miffs GOP

Jaime Herrera will be a formidable opponent. She already understands the DC scene and she will bring much needed energy and new ideas...such as stop spending us into oblivion. Like Sarah Palin, she will take heat because she will not become one of the good old boys..... The Dems keep proving that they can't stand attractive ladies with a brain who can rally the seems that they prefer the Nancy Pelosi type..... Advantage GOP

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