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Police arrest suspect in murder of Vancouver woman

Crandky, get off the developers kick... it gets old. We are not the only part of the country that is in trouble financially and has crime. All of us share in a part of the mess.

My sympathy to members of this woman's family who are left to deal with this.

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Changes are coming to comments on

I posted once on this but find the need to post again. One reason why I like to post this way is that IT IS EASY! My old boss, who is a wonderful salesman and teacher taught me years ago that PEOPLE GENERALLY DO WHAT IS EASIEST.

Once I set up my account here I could just read an article and if I felt so inclined could post a comment. I WON't set up a Facebook accont. I am constantly getting requests through my email to be someone's friend in Facebook. These are people I have no clue who they are.

Although I know several people who are enamored with Facebook I am not one of them.

Columbian Crew hope you are willing to re-think this.

This old dog is too old to learn new tricks.

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High-end home tour shows off county’s more luxurious side

AlleyCat . . . here kitty, kitty, kitty. :-)

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Changes are coming to comments on

Well, I guess it's to the dog pound for me. I can't have a Facebook account cuz my human values her privacy too much. She says she is too old to change. I really enjoyed the ease of coming on at the end of an interesting article and giving my opinion .... even though it is worth only a dog bone or two.

I will miss everyone and never found anyone's comments threatening to me personally. Even screwballs are allowed to express their opinions. I figured the Big C took down those that they didn't like.

This is a mistake in my humble opinion.

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Rescuers seek survivors of Missouri tornado

This is my home state. I have family in this area. This is so sad.

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Kucinich returns to Washington state. Is House run in future?

This reminds me of job-hunting on the political level instead of the corporate level.

I want Washingtonians representing me.

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Humane Society challenges NW sea lion killing

Although I don't like to see the sea lions killed I like the idea of endangered salmon runs even less.

Killing a few of the sea lions with a quick leathal shot will, hopefully, scare the rest of them to go back out to sea. I do like the idea of allowing the Indians to harvest them. At least the pelts could be used, and the meat if they so desire.

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Door manufacturer shutters operations

The small business owners that I know that are connected with construction and home maintenance/repairs, have exhausted their savings and laid off employees. Some are holding on by a thread. I lived through the early 80s recession and this is unbelievably deep and long-lasting.

I purchased a home in early 2005 with over 30% down. I figure that I have lost at least 1/2 of my cash invested so far . . . about $60k. Prices have rolled back to 2004 levels and are still going down. I would like to sell and move on but can't afford to do so. It is really a bummer.

In speaking with a large commercial lender in Portland they are still seeing a downside in the market. So the storm isn't over yet by a long shot, although some sectors are improving.

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UPDATE: Rollover wreck on I-5 ramp results in arrest

You would think by the age of 40 that Sheila would at least have the sense that "God gave a goose" (my grandmother's saying) to stay OFF the friggin' road while under the influence. Be thankful no one was injured including your incredibly stupid and selfish little self!

Get some help!!

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