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What’s going on with former Rep. Jim Jacks?

Former Rep. Jacks is doing the right thing for himself and for his family. I applaud him for his courage to make this change and wish him well through the difficult process.

- Craig

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State science competition lets kids show — and stretch — their abilities

I think it is a super credit to Southwest Washington that the top High School science team (Camas HS) and the top Middle School science team (ExCEL) are from Clark County!

They will all need our support to attend the national competition in Madison, WI in May so give them a hand up so they can spend most of their time studying and working rather than fundraising.

- Craig

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Camas defends Knowledge Bowl state title

Congratulations Camas High!

It should be noted that Camas High also recently won 1st place at the Regional Science Olympiad competition :)

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State Rep. Jacks resigns

It's God, Family, Country in that order for me.

I admire Rep. Jacks for taking care of his family and wish him well.

- Craig

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State Rep. Jacks resigns

Are there any partisan races left in Washington?

The top-two primary system may have made the current replacement procedures outdated.

- Craig

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Washington state deficit grows by nearly $700 million

In the US, the poor have demanded and used vouchers more than the rich.

Every parent with K-12 students should be given a voucher(s) and allowed to choose the public, private, or home school of their choice.

Forget school districts and boundaries. Every teacher should be able to set up their own classroom and receive vouchers directly without sharing with an administration. Let parents decide.

Let teachers teach uninhibited, and let them teach as many or as few students as they can. Let them form co-ops and business partnerships. Let parents and testing determine if they are effective.

School districts should have to compete on their educational merits - not be the only choice via bureaucracy, boundaries, and taxation authority.

Parents making choices for their kids will weed out the bad teachers, bad schools, and bad districts - That is what anti-voucher people are scared of!

With the budget in such a condition it's time to put bias aside and implement changes which parents want and which reduce costs.

- Craig

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Washington state deficit grows by nearly $700 million

There are thousands of parents who would love to have the state reduce their K-12 education expenditures by 50%, if only they could get the remainder in the form of an education voucher!

Has the budget crisis become so bad that the WEA is finally ready to allow parents to save the state money?

Or are we still using WEA math where less cost and happier parents is bad for the budget?

- Craig

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Cuts give Herrera Beutler pause


It's not that there is no corruption at the local level, it's that it's much easier to spot and far easier to implement needed changes when it's close to home.

Not ignoring you, I just like to listen to what others have to say more often than I reply.

- Craig

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Cuts give Herrera Beutler pause


You are absolutely correct. The Congress should start at zero and budget via highest priorities leaving no question that the budget is balanced.

It would also be wise of Congress to constructively disengage from Medicare and Social Security and leave those programs and taxes to the States where innovative long-term solutions can be found and waste reduced.

It's time to accept that no social programs belong at the federal level where they are prone to political corruption, fraud, waste, and abuse. These should all be at the local level, which is where the funds come from anyway.

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Cuts give Herrera Beutler pause


I wholeheartedly agree with you. We can all engage in spirited discussion without personal malice.

I may have my differences on policy with Rep. Herrera-Buetler, but I consider her a friend and respect her hard work.

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