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Open forum, March 31-April 6


gotta agree w/the stats.

do you think we'll always have at least part of this legis to live with? none...?


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Open forum, March 24-30

you wanna see the future of vancouver & the 'c', take a look at today's los angeles. there isn't any republican/independent counter to the dem party in all of california, and the results are, like everything else in LA, glitterly and bigger.

the la times is the big city version of little 'c', the faithful dog prancing along at it's master's heel.

anybody want ANYTHING they've got.....?

crime so bad one newspaper prints a 'current crime hotspots' map...gangs....homeless....worst traffic in america....highest sales tax in taxes so high even renters struggle to keep the monthly roof over their heads..

and the pols spend their time thinking up new ways to spend OPM. until the source of political power no longer resides with just one party, that party's hand will never be pried off the lever of power. and, lacking incentive (if just for self-preservation), nothing will change

let's be thankful for what we've still got left.

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Open forum, March 24-30

benton's suggested a $150k fine on the C for pollution......

can't write stuff this good.

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Open forum, Jan 24-March 2

Being pedantic, Dee?

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Open forum, Jan 24-March 2

For those who are sick of citizens like me and Ron and Hawk and others pointing out the flaws in Madore's leadership: just put us on ignore.

manthou — February 25, 2014 at 8:15 a.m.

there is no "ignore"

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Open forum, Feb 17-23

musings while wondering if i'll ever get to sleep again....

my old home basement just ain't the same no more. thanks, lou >sarcasm off<

imo, the best of the basement's gone now. And no, it's NOT the money. It's the PRINCIPLE. Some of you may wanna google that word. The few who are still left are valiantly fighting on, and for that I salute you; I never know from day to day if I’ll have access again, so each visit is now kinda special to me and I appreciate even more those posters who have stood and fought and paid for the privilege.

looks like the will of the people fought the crc back into its dank hole. Wonder how long it'll be before it's fed enough money to give the payoffs a try again....

madore certainly fell from Target One quickly. Boredom? Lack of material? Or just bad memory....

i'd like to posit questions like, “what do you think the US should do about N Korean mass-murder (think Nazis w/o the good points)?” or, “do you think we owe Ukraine the effort of supporting their struggle to keep from becoming a part of the new Soviet Union?” or how about, “do you think The Great Hillary should be held to her promise to NEVER desert the muslim women who so recently were freed from extremist forces?"

But I kinda doubt i'd get any answers anymore.....


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Open forum, Feb 10-16

i fell through the looking glass and splattered the logical parts of my brain all over my screen.


As I had last month, I cannot view up to 30 non-subscription items for the current month.

When I try to view the opinion (the "basement) I cannot view it without completing the subscription page.

Since I don't subscribe, I'm prevented from using my 30 free logons.

How do I acess my logons?


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One can only hope that your newspaper holds true to the way we were told from the beginning how the subscription portion works rather than just change the wording to match this email.

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Below is a screen shot of the item referenced.

I can probably go through the coding for the page, but, since I'm not that fluent in html any longer, I'd rather not.


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if they're counting from the beginning of my access to 30 days out, why am i not able to post for 1/2 a month...? at this point, i realized with what i was dealing, and didn't respond.

btw, i called a person WHO SHALL ETERNALLY BE UNNAMED, who wasn't exactly approving of lou's/ the c's capricious bases for banning various posters. there was some mention made of upward mobility being involved in the decision.

i wonder how many minutes/days i've got until i'm locked out yet again.

will i also be erased.......?

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Open forum, Jan 20-26


oh gawd.

based on your meeting description, west-side vancouver has been written off as the bedroom community for portland's anticipated mass move to cheaper apt living cuz their expected population increase won't be able to buy housing.

and *OUR* reps are insiders helping it all happen.

eastside is the 'new' vancouver. that's why there's such a fight to keep a bridge addition away. no future for a trimet lightrail out there.

clear picture of why everyone's OREGON nose in in vancouver's business.

kinda makes ya want to go find a pitchfork and some heavy boots.

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Open forum, Jan 20-26


once again,' tea party' is not a synonym for' republician'.

oh, and just what's so scary about the tea party, again....?

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Open forum, Jan 20-26

I believe the "constitution-protector" would be the Supreme court. Would it not?

Hawkman — January 21, 2014 at 2:49 p.m.

this is uncharted territory. in order for the supremes to be involved, somebody has to file a constitutional challenge. seen anybody do that? the executive order issue isn't even adequately covered in the constitution; the supreme court really doesn't have much it can use as established constitutional law; it's not actually defined in the constitution. that means the supremes will be writing constitutional law.

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