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Open forum, Jan 20-26

NAIL et al:

ok, i'll go ahead and ask: just who the he77 is ED BARNES?

MANTHOU: "The local Repubs are infighting, as you know. The last Vancouver City Council election showed that they cannot just run any warm body, especially one that harps on the CRC and is seen as obstructive across the board."

which would you rather have....? a group that has active differences in priorities, or one that is, like the old russian communists, forced by threat to be of one mind?

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Open forum, Jan 20-26

i believe that every pot plant should be dug up and destroyed. every seed should be irradiated to prevent the capacity to reproduce. having said that, i voted 'for' legalization because the unbiased review of the issue calls for that position.

ROGER: administrative order;
the prior uses of this 'privilege' was target-specific, usually having to do with national security. the current office-holder is not bound by such irrelevancies; he ignores current law on immigration, intends to change it by fiat, as an example. he does the same with health care. i read an interview with one of his former staffers who said he treated the presidency as a 'shiny new toy'.

this does NOT instill confidence that our constitution is being reasonably handled. given that our constitution-protector is the attorney general, i'm not hopeful that it's separation of powers is a given anymore.

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Open forum, Jan 13-19


was referring to o's statement to bypass congress and rule through exec order. technically, he's already violated the powers clause by unilaterally changing the HCbill as passed by congress.

we've never had this situation in our history. the civil war was was about a legally passed law, at least.

this is uncharted country in a very dark, dangerous place. the house holds the purse strings, so there is *some* physical control of the gvt that congress holds. but the reality of a President taking the legal powers of congress AND the individual states is....alarming.

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Open forum, Jan 13-19


In light of glorious leader's speech about having a 'pen and a phone', i am repeating a question to you that i asked about 7 years ago:

if the president openly defied the constitution, would the military support him as commander-in-chief, or would they uphold their oath to defend the constitution? if the latter, what would be possible actions? moving to congress for orders....? supreme court involvement telling them what to do....?
military takeover....?

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Open forum, Jan 6-12

FRO.... "There is no such thing as a "superstorm", and if there was it would be worse than a hurricane not less. New York and New Jersey were not prepared for a tropical storm, that is the only reason it was even news."

I believe it's because all the news outlets have their main offices around there.

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Open forum, Jan 6-12

it's hard to sift out what the subject de jour is from the above posts. "personal information" is the new standard of the internet, and approproiate protection the new basic requirement.

if we were the internet we should be, all apps would be required to have an 'opt in' choice for dissemination of personal information. we should be given PLAIN LANGUAGE information about what the website does with personal information, and we should be able to UNDERSTAND the legalize it uses to obfuscate its trashing of our constitutional rights of privacy, freedom of speech, etc.

i guess that will come eventually, after some very henious breaches resulting in successful lawsuits.

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Open forum, Jan 6-12

today's the 1st day i could actually READ and/or reply to the basement posts.

maybe it's a glitch in the sys thaat web coders didn't anticipate.


hope everyone's HAPPY HOLIDAY endeaors were succesful, and maybe we can be 'kindler and gentler' to each other in '14.

not betting on it, btw.

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Open forum, Dec 30-Jan 5

happy new year for all the basement exiles.

glad to see your posts, goldie. u2, roger.

wonder what will happen to our little homeless squatter group now that the owners want money from us....

just have to see,

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Open forum, Dec 16-22


so you're putting the cause of our ills on Wall Street.

i'm not disagreeing with you, but i'd like a definition of what "wall street" means to you.

my posts give people the impression i'm an "aluminum foil hat wearing paranoid 6(per Lou) , but actually i'm a person who watches ALL power brokers. and because of that, i realize that our beloved USA is just another commodity in the international market.

so, i ask you: define what 'wall street' means to you.

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Open forum, Dec 16-22

now's the time when pols try to devine what it woul take from them to intice us to vote for them.

any suggestions?

for me, it'd have to be NO LIGHT RAIL for any candidate, it would be repair of roads and mostly keeping hands off anything else

for olympia, it would be to keep from spending money, ESPECIALLY in the population-dense areas. we in the hinterlands give and give, and get back...nothing.

locally, it'd be a joyous suprise if pols acted in the people's interests, not in a bank-account's interest.

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