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Open forum, Aug 4-10

doesn't it make you wonder if this will be a way for government-backed industrial giants such as Monsanto to come in and produce their mega-industrial farming/ranching complexes with their genetic modifications and their new chemical prevention methods. They get the farmland "dirt" cheap, cutting out the independent farmers and ranchers and the rest is self explanatory." - goldenoldie — August 6, 2014 at 8:36 p.m.

i suppose it COULD be collusion between corrupt gvt (of which there is NO shortage) and mega agriculture....but i'm skeptical. the MANY small, family farms in the central CA valley have seen their land go to zero value because of drought. the topsoil just blows away. that's the essential soil for planting. in order for any farmer to replace it and make the farm productive again, it's gonna take mega $$s for soil amendments and liquid replenishment to make it usable again.

i'm more interested in the fact that rural areas, especially the farmlands of california, are primarily red - republican. my feelings about Great Leader and his minions are well-known, so my attitudes are formed along those lines. IF INTERIOR CALIFORNIA WAS PELOSI TERRITORY, does ANYONE think the drought would not have been addressed and handled? not me.

instead, they get micro-managed literally *to death* by the epa and its radical left "you're evil" attitude of any area with different views.

what i cannot understand is WHY.

why does any gvt agency, irs, va, fda, state dept....ANY of them not realize what the national effects of their games will do to their county?
the only answer i can come up with is 'they don't care. party trumps nation'.

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Open forum, Aug 4-10


thanks for the post. been hurting a lot & can't sit up long enough to go to all the sites and compile a reply. wonder who'll be the loudest in complaining about 'big agriculture' when all the food prices spike.

it tears me up to see bulldozers scraping dead orange trees off the land. huge piles of dreams ... dead.

one farmer who had a beautiful olive grove put up a memorial complete with cross and teddy bears for HIS beloved trees.

fwiw....anybody thought about all those 'seasonal immigrant worker' visas that won't be available now...?

as for CA's problem... it's SQUARELY in the lap of the epa. where's the national wildlife foundation too? thousands of endangered animals dead, seasonal migrating birds that can no longer use their resting sites....

gotta go lie down. thanks again, GO

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Open forum, Aug 4-10

why is obama giving africa $33 Billion when central california farmers are bulldozing their orange groves and leaving farmland unplanted? the pics from the drought area look like the '30s dust bowl. where's the help? epa, anyone?

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Open forum, July 21-27

"income inequality" my second left-side foot.

the only 'inequality' is the amount of effort and perseverance those who succeed expend as compared to those poor, underprivileged economically disadvantaged couch warmers.

funny thing, too. those helpless takers of public monies always manage to have computers, smartphones and flat screen tvs all the while bemoaning their undeserved plight as the nation's poor.

old saying: the harder i work, the luckier i get.

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Open forum, July 21-27

good review, roger. thanks from we who can't attend.

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Open forum, July 21-27

fwiw, there's also a very good series of articles in der spiegel about france.

how it is degenerating economically and socially.

how it's becoming right-wing and anti-semetic.

how it envies germany and it's stable, prospering economy

it's eerily evocative of pre-WWII europe, modern era blended in. i've always had this obsession w/WWII, what led up to it, how it wasn't stopped when it could have been, who the players were, the complicity of the general population, etc. and i'm feeling uncomfortable with what i'm seeing happening (AGAIN) in europe. france having anti-semetic riots, germany's rise of neo-nazi groups (most of which are illegal, but still exist and are growing). putin acting to control any area he can reach with russia's gas supplies or ordnance.

and then we have us... the U.S. of A. as irrelevant right now to affect outcomes in the world as we were pre-WWII.

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Open forum, July 21-27


from 1948 (and probably 3k years before) to today, jews have had to fight to keep from being exterminated. true, the 1948 creation of the State of Isreal took land inhabited by peoples not jewish, but that area of the world has had so many changes through history that making it the jewish state (after Hitler almost succeeded in exterminating all jews) was reasonable.

being catholic, i believe that there will be no lasting peace until the Second Coming. but this article was VERY enlightening, as it speaks to the 'what is NOW' in the region.

i, too, miss the real leaders ... in isreal, egypt, saudia arabia AND USA.

and i agree with the interviewee...until we have TRUE LEADERSHIP again, it will only get worse, not better.

and i weep.

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Open forum, July 21-27

for those of you following isreal/hamas issue, this is a VERY interesting op-ed piece in der speigel. the person interviewed:

"Yuval Diskin was the director of Israel's internal security service Shin Bet between 2005 and 2011. In recent years, he has become an outspoken critic of the policies of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu."

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Open forum, July 21-27

nice to see God thought about, anyway.... ;)

here's another thought: let's thank whatever version of God we worship (be it the Catholic, Jewish or Socialist-Secular one...whatever) that we were allowed to get up today, see a beautiful rain-tented pastel vision of Life. perfect 60 degrees, softly tiptoeing breeze...we can say what we want, go where we want, believe what we want all because God allowed us another day of Life. Something some commercial jet passengers and a couple of military pilots didn't get.

thanks God for the gift.

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Open forum, July 21-27

wow. talk about attention-grabbing

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