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Open forum, March 26 - April 1

Back in August I attempted to gather those people who were involved in the 1972 April 5th tornado for a 40 year reunion of survivors and rescuers. It didn't seem as if there were many from the (at that time) 4000 members of https://www.facebook.com/groups/26790... (You Know You Are From Vancouver If...) so I didn't pursue it further.

Now I am seeing a little more interest coming in on the event page I originally created with intent on a meet up near where the kids were rescued at Peter S. Ogden Elementary? I noticed "The old Peter S. Ogden Elementary School" group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/11504...

So, either you meet up, online, or in person; your call! There are many of us bystanders that will be thinking of you and where we were when it happened this April 5 at noon. If you know someone who would like this information, please pass it on. Thanks

Were you a Fort Vancouver High School student that took part in the efforts to save children from the devastating effects of the tornado, April 5, 1972? Are you one of the victims who were trapped? Would you like to share your story? I’ve heard mention of vivid accounts of the disaster and wonder if it is just as fresh in your memory today as it was 40 years ago. I’ve also felt the compassion for others in words spoken of the survivors as well as those who did not make it. We’ve all thought about the actions of the high school kids who went directly to Peter S. Ogden for the kids. How is everyone doing today?
https://www.facebook.com/events/21138... If interested, or if you know someone who took part send them over!

Penny Bradford

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Officials, neighbors question the value of Value Motel

I sure hope they come up with some strategies to get the slumlords to change their ways!

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Parents in imprisonment case plead not guilty

There are too many programs out there that help parents with Autistic children to warrant this type of behavior! There are also respite programs as well. How did they get away with not having them in school?

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Child Imprisonment Arraignment

There are too many programs out there that help parents with Autistic children to warrant this type of behavior! There are also respite programs as well. How did they get away with not having them in school?

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Thanks for the tips! Here's one for you! Blind Onion Pizza on Mill Plain and Grand, Rock Wood Fire Pizza on Columbia House Blvd and Grand. :)

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UFO mystery solved!

And besides that, we have the internet to get "the answer" even if it is from another source... hmmm let's say, Google?? :)

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UFO mystery solved!

Sell, sell, sell! I hope you get your quota in for doing stories like this. Buy The Columbian people! Heck it is only PAPER! Not like we can't find trees to make more! If nothing else you'd think just doing the right kind of advertising on your website would be enough!

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Share offers free meals for hungry kids

So what then, is the solution to the problem?

I agree that when we enable people with those extra devices that put us off the hook for remembering to do a particular task or follow a rule or own up to accountability; my seatbelt buzzer tells me I didn't buckle up, or the click it or ticket sign telling me the same thing, is one example; but seriously letting children suffer to get the point across? I don't think so. If we use that power of influence then our community would have to put signs up throughout the cities that stated: FEED YOUR CHILDREN BREAKFAST THIS MORNING OR PAY A FINE!
Who is going to enforce all the households to do this? When they can't afford to pay the fine and are jailed then how are they to pay for the roof over their children's head, and if they can't provide <i> the roof <i/> then the children will either be taken away or the family will head somewhere and possibly end up on the street... or worse yet, the children end up in the foster care system and others will have to be paid to take care of them all the while these children are "fostering" hate towards the government or the "ones in charge" of making it law that parents don't get help when they're down, they get put in jail POINT BLANK because they lost their job, or were only paid minimum wage after getting laid off from a job that they thought would take them to retirement and then you're looking at behavior issues that will follow these children for the rest of their lives that took their parents away from them.
Our schools came with breakfast and lunch programs, and people get used to this type of "help" so it is an obvious way to go about helping children by extending it out over the summer. Those of you that do not believe this is the approach to take either come up with a solution that will help parents, that are unable (no matter what the reason)to take care of their children responsibly, to be self sufficient; in other words put your money where your mouth is and research and fix this problem.

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