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B.G. district giving nonteachers notice of possible position cuts

This is so sad. We worry about how much it costs to educate a child. Actually, Battle Ground Schools have done a very good job. Especially when it comes to the developmentally disadvantaged children. I would suggest that many people, especially parents, get involved in the education of your children. Believe me when I say "We can all teach." Claire, I know where you are coming from. But, it takes patience and someday a student who really wants to learn and looks up to you will make a difference. It only takes one. We just need to instill the seed. By the way, all you trolls. Start thinking about your own life and what you have done with it before posting.

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Vancouver pavement on road to ruin

If we vote that the roads are always bad then we will always have funding......being fasicious.....

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No one hurt seriously hurt in multi-vehicle crash on I-205 SB near Mill Plain

All medical responses initially are code 3. All information aquired from the general public is a second guess as to what the problem is. Been there, done that. It is only when transporting that the decision is made to go code one or two. It has been quite awhile since being in the EMT field but, that has always been the rule.

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Woman handcuffed at scene of I-5 rollover

Instead of making assumptions, how about we wait for an update. Or, are we so enamored about how we percieve things that we need to make stories up and post them online.

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Mississippi spillway opening would likely swamp Cajun country

I could also say what the government will do. But, let us hope that they will take care of US first.

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Whale strikes sailboat during race near Astoria

I mean't Breast's on who is best.

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Whale strikes sailboat during race near Astoria

I would feel blessed by a whale causing a disruption. Maybe we should heed it as a warning to start taking care of our planet, instead of wasting our time on humans trying to beat out breats on who is best.

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Mississippi spillway opening would likely swamp Cajun country

I'm surprised that nobody has commented on this article yet. Tomorrow the prices of food will go up and there is nothing you can do about it. Just like oil, a disaster such as this will cause a spike in the food prices. Think about it. There are other things going on also. Look at how many other countries we feed. That is why they have taken so long in the decisions to let the levies go. Not that they had a choice. I could go on and on but, you need to research it yourselves.

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Simple, homemade dressings just seem to taste fresher

I like the recipes, but, get rid of the vegetable oil and use olive oil in its place. It is better for you and it is hard to tell the difference. Thanks for the recipes........

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Shahala second at National Science Bowl

Good job guys......You are our future. (Race has nothing to do with it). Mr. Cantonwine should be proud. Keep up the good work.

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