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AP sources: DNA testing proves bin Laden death

Thanks Goldie.

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AP sources: DNA testing proves bin Laden death

I Mean't Donald Trump is fired.

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AP sources: DNA testing proves bin Laden death

With large corporations running the country and so much anger and resentment,splitting of political parties and so much disparity, class warfare, the high cost of living,and misinformation running through the internet, I would expect someone to come up with what alleycat is saying. It is plausible. Yet it could have been both ways. Remember, sometimes it only takes one person to make a difference. I hate sitting on a fence. But, in this instance it may be warranted. By no means am I a conpiracy theorist. I think I'm just tired of being lied to and manipulated. As far as Donald Trump? In my book........YOUR FIRED!!!!!!!!

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AP sources: DNA testing proves bin Laden death

They can now do DNA testing in two hours. Although, this is usually preliminary. I'm sure they will probably do more extensive DNA testing to be sure.

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Letter: Provide details to support consensus

I say that it is a continuing problem and that mankind is just adding to it. We cannot stop global climate change but we can slow it down. It is a cyclical problem yet we add to it and speed it up. We can say that we are not contributing to it and turn a blind eye to it because there seems to be no scientific data to back it up. But, why take a chance? We all live on this planet. Let's take care of it.

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Letter: Discipline critical in classroom

It is a trial by peers. So, Since Joe doesn't seem to get it. How about Robert show us how it is really done. For most it works. Humiliation separates them. However, there are those who don't care and I've dealt with them. What to do? Most are smarter than they think and sometimes it takes some finesse. I would ask them to do a project which requires them to teach their classmates about a subject they are interested in. Involve them in the classroom. Sometimes it is about respect and recieving it. It doesn't work all the time but, for most it is revealing.

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Letter: Complaints are Cantwell's own doing

I'm proud of Her standing up for the American citizen. Thats why she is in the position she is in, reguardless whether it is a election year or not. The law is there and nobody is enforcing it and it just so happens someone is paying attention. I am still disappointed that know one has done anything about this problem. I would like to be on the recieving end of this multi-billion dollar corporation so that I can give that money back to the people.

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Letter: Discipline critical in classroom

Well, I have a solution. Start by asking the student to come up to the blackboard or in front of the classroom and explain what they have learned. After making a fool of themselves by not doing what they are suppose to do, they tend to get it. It works. I've seen it in the home school setting.

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Canopy crane falls victim to budget cuts

There are not a lot of old forests left and we need to study them. Most of the forests around are secondary growth. We need these studies to see what impact, as consumers, have on the ecosystem. This in the long run will have an impact on preserving or being able to use the resources we have. Sometimes it may not seem we are funding a reasonable study but we need to do this in order to continue to live as we do.

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Researchers focus on helping lowly lamprey

Lampreys are not very good swimmers. They usually only latch onto fish that are diseased or dying. This species controls the population so that only the strong game fish survive. without them you could catch a diseased or dying fish and eat it. Think about it. The lamprey is also a delicacy in some cultures. Don't get me wrong. I think they are ugly and are a parasite but, they have their place in the food chain.

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