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The Columbian Asks: Whom do you want to chat with?

One of the key factors in hiring someone is confidence in one.
By common sense: skills, character, interview, and background.


Peter Vannortwick has done an exceptional job with individual assessments. Exceptional to me is fair. Clark County faced a booming growth inflation, and the taxes are showing today market data.

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U.S. reaches debt limit; Congress has until Aug. 2 to act

The only resource that the United States has and will happen selling oil to foreign countries. GDP oil = jobs= economy

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War crimes court seeks arrest of Libya’s Gadhafi

For those that do not understand the relationship between Osama and Sadam is the CIA. "people" and timing is what took place.

America sold weapons to Iran with Israel delivering weapons to Iran and Iran releasing 6 hostages. Time Iran was at war with Iraq. 1987 Oliver North Testifies in Congress says something after a question about a home security system. Oliver North says in 1987 that Osama Bin Laden is the most dangerous person in the world.

Today 2011 Robert Gates Secretary of Defense says something like his biggest fear is a weapon of mass destruction going off in this Country. Keep in mind 1987 was 24 years ago, and please watch this:

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War crimes court seeks arrest of Libya’s Gadhafi


Article 51 Senior George Bush had Sadam Hussein sign that as the United States brigade Army stormed Iraq. The US Army with Helicopters and Tank Brigades destroyed enemy tanks and bunkers and it was a signal to the world.

Article 51 was executed and Sadam throughtout the mid and late 1990's violated it granted the USA to fly the no fly zone in Irage and take out enemy planes. This again was a signal to the world to watch the Airforce.

09/11/2001 BOOM! serious problems....
Osama was in bed with the CIA #1
It backfired abviously

09/11/2011 coming CIA has known for many years to take Osama out. Bin Laden had a fortress next to a military base in Pakistan. Our Navy Seals were there 38 minutes, and not even a police officer arrives.

Interesting Allen what do you think? Keep in mind the CIA funded Osama in the 1980s to fight the Russians. Osama was a extremely weathly sole. He had ties, and where is the plane that hit the Pentagon 09/11/2001 and what did Robert Gates say?

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UPDATE: One dead, another pulled from river after I-5 crash

Freeways are so dangerous, and I wish people could at least take precautions. The Police have white and blue lights flashing for reasons. My condolences to the victims and family.

I would also like to say: please keep your distance from all vehicles in front of you, and beside you. It amazes me how people drive fast and cut you off going 60.

Not saying people are bad...but we see it

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The Columbian Asks: Whom do you want to chat with?

In my opinion,

We do know Teri was on Sauvie Island the morning Kyron disappeared fact. Witnesses report vehicles racing on the island a red mustang and a white truck. Investigators combed Skyline Blvd looking for physical evidence particularly phones for data.

Teri and her close friend Dedi Spicher are both unaccountable at the exact time of day in a close proximity of the school where Kyron disappeared.

Kane states "Teri lived a double life." Teri was the last one to see Kyron alive according to detectives. There is also evidence that they both lived a double life.

The time line is a critical factor to the case, and Dateline NBC did a scenario and Dateline will not post the episode on their website. There are other key ingredients.

Keep in mind, Teri and Kane possibly live a free type of a lifestyle and this has opened a large problem for detectives and the FBI. In missing person cases the FBI is used when victims cross state lines out of will. Also keep in mind Oregon and Washington are separated a state line called the Columbia River.

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UPDATE: Rollover wreck on I-5 ramp results in arrest

I like it because it is too the point!

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The Columbian Asks: Whom do you want to chat with?

George Bush Jr

What happened to our borders Mr. Bush? No fingers

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Police to enforce helmet law

Pack a loaded 357 Magum in the Park and wear bullet proof vest wear sun glasses too?

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