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Older and out of a job

David - So am I! I went from enterprise software to cloud consulting and I don't want to go back! Do you think this forum is getting us there (to the point of recognizing good leadership) or just a healthy place for frustrated people to vent?

I'm honestly undecided and that's why I ask the question. There is so much political passion here for one party or the other. But the bickering (both here and by our elected officials) seems incredibly counterproductive.

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Older and out of a job

This "discussion" has gone no where. It's nice to have an open forum but everyone here wants to complain about this political party or that political party...but nobody is adult (or perhaps mature) enough to admit the problem transcends the political arena. This economy has been coming at us for a very long time, perhaps 20+ years. Both of the major parties have had several terms to see it coming and act to stop it. Furthermore, both political parties are going to point fingers saying, "Well, we did this but they did that!"

Stop the madness!!!

Do we actually need a Hitler to galvanize this country again? How we got here is completely irrelevant to how are we going to get out of this mess. When we get back on track we can look at what happened and figure out how to make sure it doesn't happen again. Don't try to do it now. It's like making a better sheath for a knife because you cut an artery...even if you do make the's too late. There is no point to this ridiculous polarized politicking but as long as the nations public responds to it, we are not going to get anywhere. So, please, continue pointing your fingers at the Republi-Crats responsible for this debacle...that's getting this mess sorted out much fast thank you.

I was unemployed for 18 months, went through $20K of savings and still lost my house in this mess. I have found a job by the grace of God and I am providing for my family a little better than unemployment. I don't know if that makes me more qualified to make the above statement or not. You see, I don't mind if you know my name, I don't mind if you see my face. I'm not ashamed of what's happened, I did what I could to protect against it...or so I thought. Now I'm trying to recover, rebuild and re-evaluate.

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Inmate's tip leads to arrest in 1979 Wash. killing

Now that's good police work! Way to go.

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Herrera Beutler will host business roundtable

Is this by invitation only or can anyone come?

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Volcano institute seeks volunteers

Awesome! My dad used to work at the Pine Creek ranger station. It would be fun to clean it up.

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What’s going on with former Rep. Jim Jacks?

Goldenoldie and hawkeye seem to share my sentiments rather well. I see no point in cluttering up the comments with what I wanted to say when they've said it for me, thanks!

To Lou, hang in there.

To Mr Jacks, it is a season of resurruction and redemption. God bless you, your family and the road you're on. We will pray for you.

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Three arrested on drug charges at Washougal motel

I'm sure it's actually the rim of the toilet. As in, the police stormed the room and they only had time to throw the stuff in the toilet and flush...thereby leaving some on the rim of the toilet bowl.

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New mural to help slow traffic

hahaha, when I text while I drive I slow traffic...can I get some "matching funds" love now?

Seriously though, I think the OP has the right thought on this. Isn't the method for slowing drivers by distracting them with pretty colors?

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Washougal officer nominated for award for saving life

Done, +1 vote for Powers (thanks for including the link)

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Church volunteer’s sex abuse arraignment is delayed

adirondackmary - If he's actually done these things yes, he's scum. Is it possible to hold your condemnation of a person until after you know the facts. At this point all that's been reported are allegations and you are ready to lynch the guy.

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