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Smoking bill fails to light cigar shop owner’s fire

So the people of Washington State spoke and we passed a law...overwhelmingly...and now we're arguing that we're loosing tax dollars because of it. This argument was used "back in the day" when the bill was being debated, we've heard the arguments, made our vote and now the state coffers are paying for it. Why is anyone surprised by this? Furthermore, if this legislation passes it's not going to do any good at all. How many tobacco shops are going to pony-up $15k for the "endorsement" so they can smoke in the "lounge" (let alone the cost of remodeling for the added ventilation). This is just a crazy waste of time. We, the voters have spoken, we've screwed ourselves, congratulations!

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There was a lot of cooperation on this day for Seahawks

Very well said MaryAnnl...okay, now I've really got to go mow the lawn!

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When is enough, enough?

Lou, great article. I've been away for sometime (finally got a job in this economy!) but I was reading the paper over breakfast this morning and I just knew your column would garner some response. In fact, I was actually laughing out loud in anticipation of the response. It was pretty cool seeing the quotes from GoldenOldie and CommonSense. It would seem that USMCbrat beat me to the points that I wanted to make so in support of their opinion I'll just say...

@USMCbrat - QFT (quoted for truth)

Keep it up Lou and I'll try to get back and comment more often...for now, I need to go mow the lawn.

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The story behind the story

@ShamusV "Is it really news when the only reason someone's demons or details of their personal life are only reported because of their standing in life? Yes it may be news but please do not equate it to good journalism."

Yes, it is good journalism. In this instance it's good journalism because the person in question regarding drug use is trying to open a casino. Don't you think it's worth knowing that someone opening a business that would be an excellent tool for laundering money is also potentially involved in using/trafficking drugs?

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Man charged in Dodge City drive-by shooting

Revised Code of Washington, it's a state code.

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Man charged in Dodge City drive-by shooting

Hey, this is great stuff guys. It's 10x more entertaining than the article.

Don't stop now, there must be some more pointless insults out there can find them.

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Tech hasn’t been area’s jobs savior

Wow, I can completely stand behind Bernanke's quote.

I'm looking for work now but I'm still finding ways to get my bills paid and put food on the could certainly be a lot worse.

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Two paths for Woods and Oden

Yes, MJT please share some of the facts behind the opinion's that you've formed. I think Lou did find job of explaining, in laymen's terms, the business of the newspaper and how diverse the content really is. He gave us his opinion with facts. You make so many accusations but not a shred of any proof, even circumstantial. If you're going to try this case in the "comments" section I suppose you don't really need the facts...but no one's going to take you very seriously.

(Of course, that's just my opinion)

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Two paths for Woods and Oden

Seriously GoldenOldie? It sells a newspaper because people buy it. If people didn't buy it...they wouldn't be publishing it (because they'd be out of business).

I'm over simplifying seems very simple to me.

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