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Open forum, Dec 30-Jan 5

Norm, good to see you still read it. I'm not bitter. That's a little harsh. I'm a little disappointed that The C has adopted a more strict position on how one can comment here. It just baffles me that when you need more people reading it that they decide it's better to control who reads it as opposed to getting a more diverse crowd.

Advertisers will tell you that the more people who see their ads odds are sales will perk up. If I was an advertiser on this web site I would question the thinking that restriction is better off for the masses. Or for the bottom line for that matter. Since most papers on-line need advertising dollars it seems like they are shooting themselves in the foot.

The C is privately owned and operated. I recognize that they have a right to run the paper however the want. But judging how things went a few years ago I just wonder if that old way of thinking is good for how things need to be ran today in this economy. It's all about the Benjamin's, don'tcha know.

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Open forum, Dec 30-Jan 5

I got to say it is with some reluctance that I too will not pay for the privilege of reading the The C on-line under my old account. First they can't even count. I got a notice that I only have 20 more articles that can be read. The notice said that I had already read 10 articles. Being that it's only the 1st and I hadn't read anything yet, but the forum, I have to wonder what I missed.

I now split the cost with a neighbor for the paper. If I want to say something that I think is important, or just bitch a little, I will have to log on under this neighbors account. It's not a bad deal because this neighbor doesn't use the forum. Plus I can still read the hard copy.

What I don't like is The Columbian has taken a business route that will exclude some better commentary while trying to line their pockets. Oh well it was going to happen anyway. My suggestion is to sell the paper now. Get it over with and watch it go downhill. And if the diehards, on the FB side, stay with it then so be it.

I respect the people who comment on the forum section of this website. We have, over the years, proven that we can be factual and concise with our diatribes. I don't see that much on the FB side except the crossovers from the forum. In fact what I see is that those who comment over there only line up more with The C. Look, I understand that we are a dying breed. We are now close to extinction and it won't take much to snuff us out.

This is a groundswell movement that is gaining steam. Look how many on-line paper editions are doing away with people who who make comments that are borderline crude and crass. They have something to say and as they write it they tend to get a little heated (a/c-b/d) They don't want the heat from a few diehards that would complain. I call this social engineering by just taking the ball and going home because the reader is probably smarter and they don't want to be shown up.

If this paper is to survive I believe they will make the decision to open it back up it up to all. But I'm not holding my breath.I don't know what their revenue stream is like but if I was a business putting advertising on this site I would make sure that it was getting out to all readers, not to a select few.

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Open forum, Dec 23-29


I hope you all got what you wanted for Christmas. If you go out driving to and from remember to be careful and please turn your headlights on. I was surprised that there were so many people out yesterday driving in the fog without turning them on. One gal in an SUV was on the phone, had her children in the car, doing well over forty in a 35 MPH zone and no headlights. When I caught her at a stop I wished her a Merry Christmas. She told me I was number 1 with her to. Oh well. She just didn't have the spirit yet.

But for the most part it was a good eve. Happy happy joy joy Hawk and many more.

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Open forum, Dec 9-15

I too give back any money that the clerks give me if it's over the amount due. There's a very good reason to do this. Their tills are counted at the beginning and the ends of their shifts. If they don't tally out then the clerk is responsible for any shortages usually. Some places tell their employees that you will or can be fired. Most clerks are really appreciative and thank you. They mean it.

I once had a clerk give me back $40 dollars too much. I didn't realize it till I got out to the car. I went back in and found the clerk and her supervisor having an argument about the problem. I stepped up and tried to interject so that the clerk could make the till right. The supervisor must have been having a very bad day. She started in on me like it was my fault also. Fortunately the owner walked up about this time and inquired about the problem. The supervisor told the owner that I was a scam artist and that I tried to cheat the store. Then I took charge and took the owner outside and told him the story of the supervisors abuse of the clerk. The clerk had made an honest mistake and when I found out I immediately returned to give the money back. He returned to the store and I followed him in. He walked up to the supervisor and gave her her walking papers right there on the spot. ( I suspect he had been having troubles with her for awhile) He turned to the shocked clerk and promoted her on the spot.

I had a chance to return to this business and found the clerk, now supervisor, had made some changes and she thanked me for pointing her owner in the right direction. What this story is about being honest. I and my cousin go back regularly to re-up on artist supplies and have always been treated with respect and I believe it's because the owner kept his head and was willing to do the right thing when it comes to good employees. Anyone, and I mean anyone, can make a mistake. But it takes someone with a good moral compass to fix it.

I used to work in retail and I know the pitfalls that face employees.

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Open forum, Nov 25-Dec 1

Please, all of you out there, have a very happy Thanksgiving and remember if you drive watch out for the few idiots out there who still think the road is only for their use.

I will be the one driving this year. As far as that goes I only have to go twenty miles but as the old saying goes ...

One more thing. Will you have leftovers manthou? LOL I'm partial to old fashion stuffing with bread cubes. It should be infused with mushrooms, sweet sausage, onion, garlic and some spices like sage and an Italian mix. For a change up I put olives in it. Two kinds. And don't forget the giblets. I could live on this forever but I would end up looking like the Good Year blimp!!

See ya all Friday and be safe.

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Open forum, Nov 18-24

I'm back. I got off early. My client said he felt like not going to his appointment. He sometimes can be very contrary. When that happens I had to call my supv. He showed up and I left. The guy's younger than me. I hope I don't end like that.

Mr. Yancey is mostly a footer going to work or whatever on the public conveyance system. To me he's a shill for C-Tran and Tri-Met. He doesn't mind that the Loo-Rail system is heavily subsidized. And all the public should pay for it. Never mind it's hemorrhaging money so fast it might be bankrupt in two or three years. To me he's just like Mike Briggs and moeller. No one on here remotely compares to those two. Some of you are for it and some are against but those who say why on here have pretty good reason for how they feel and can present a pretty good argument for or against. So timerick please don't ever think you may be like the yancey guy. Or even like mike.

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Open forum, Nov 18-24

Drift, after I wrote that I began to think the same thing. I to hope that nothing serious has befallen him either. We are all a pretty close group of posters and although we might disagree sometimes I don't think we hate someone that much that we hope they have some form of calamity happen to them.

Life is more important than that. At least I hope so.

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Open forum, Nov 18-24

As I was sitting out on my patio I observed a very beautiful sunrise this morning. With the moon in the western sky it was a 'smell the roses' moment. It's 22 degrees out in my area, according to my temp gauge. I left a wheelbarrow out and it was half full of water. It has a half inch of ice on it.

Take the time today to at least look at those roses. I know it works for me and maybe it will work for you. Have a great day. See you all tomorrow. God willin' and if the rain didn't spoil the rhubarb!!

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Open forum, Nov 18-24

No Hawk, I'm not saying snoopy is real. The Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade is supposed to be a family friendly event enjoyed by all. No political statements just plain good fun. It's televised all over the world. I believe they. PETA et al, are attempting to highjack it for their own agenda. That's all. I do agree they have way too much time on their hands. LOL

Drift, the Columbian sometimes do remove offensive posts. I have that distinction in the past. Although I didn't swear, the contents were of an offensive nature to some of the staff and I am willing to bet that some of the readers were saying that I went to far. In the past, my comments were aimed at a specific class of people that performed unspeakable acts against others.

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Open forum, Nov 18-24

Nails, good to see you back!!

As far as the HC/BP mystery goes, me thinks he wasn't fully house broken and soiled the front room carpet one too many times again. Once he changes up he will be back. You know he will have a new name but with the same ol' complaints and barbs.

Now there's a little article that intrigued me. Why are people so upset about balloons depicting animals so upset? One of the most 'unpolitical' parades in the country and they want to start a controversy? what the heck. Are so many people so unhappy that they have to start a controversy where there is none? Now they vow to protest the parade and mess it up for the rest of the visitors.

Remember what PETA really means ...

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