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Open forum, Nov 18-24

I was unavoidably detained over in P-Town last night and couldn't make it. Dammit all anyway.

I was home so late I was just going to watch it today. You all who went there or watched the BIG show were very informative about some of the characters and their antics.

Sometimes I wonder if the big bad doggy is secretly Dick Sohn and just loves to shake it up.Just a joke son, don't get upset. Just havin' a little fun.

I was thinking about Don and his son, a newly minted Eagle Scout. One of the lines in the oath says "morally straight." Was Don ever a boy scout? Congratulations to the boy. I hope he doesn't follow in his daddy's footsteps though.

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Open forum, Nov 11-17

Sorry I said character. I mean libel. This will include his lack of character.

More coffee.

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Open forum, Nov 11-17

OH MY GOD!!! Benton threatening to sue someone for defamation of character??? What a hoot. You have to have 'character' first. Not be one. LOL If he had it he would not have taken the job in the first place. He's delusional about his abilities and he has proven this. Like I said I think he is just another slime-ball elected politician. This is my opinion, in print, and mine alone. So sue me, if you like, but beware. All the skeletons in your closet will come out to haunt you.

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Open forum, Nov 11-17

Nails, my heart goes out to you and your family. My sincerest condolences to all. All of us here on the forum have in the past not always got along, but when tragedy strikes one of us we do come together. Again Nails thoughts and prayers to you and all of your family.

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Open forum, Nov 4-10

For me, the the statement I made was solely in reference to the elections. I won't get into a pi$$ing match about making war, social service cuts, and the war on drugs. Yes we all know that politicians are, for the most part, #1 lawyers and #2 get dirty real quick if they aren't already. Hence we have the problems we have had, in some form or another, through out our nations history.

The laws we have enacted have supposedly been for the betterment of our country and society. Some of those laws have done the complete opposite. Now we can bitch and moan but the only way we as members of a free society is to vote and hope the people we elect do a good job. If they don't we have to the option of voting them out.

I always say that the day after elections is a hangover day. It's either you won and celebrated too much or you lost and you're bemoaning that fact. It's definitely not a perfect system but it has worked for over 200 years. We have refined it and it is still a work in progress. When I think about some of the other countries and their system of politics and rule I truly believe we still have the best.

I must be getting old when I ramble like this. Like I said I hope you all have a nice day. Life is too short to worry about tomorrow and too precious to worry about yesterday. Try to live life like ... well you know the rest.

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Open forum, Nov 4-10

Well Nails, it's like this. I grew up in 'P-Town. In the hood of all places. I still have relatives residing there. I was in P-Town last night. I had to dodge bicyclists with no lights or light clothing. One was going about twenty or so and he was wearing a black hoody, black pants, black socks and had a blacked out bike. I was going slow and he blew by me, on the right side, and then proceeded to turn left in front of me. And the pedestrians. Well let's just say that Darwin thing is not working fast enough. Nothing like dodging these idiots on a wet and rainy night. But I concede that you can find them anywhere, over here also.

On a more lighter side I was just thinking is HC/BP going to donate his brain to science?? LOL

It's a joke son. Don't take it seriously.

Everyone have a good day and remember it's only politics. It is not life and death.

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Open forum, Oct 28-Nov 3

Did somebody pull the trigger on ol' HC? I kinda miss the rants. LOL I think he swore one too many times!! If he'd just not swore so much he would have stayed on. I particularly like the names he came up with. Campbell won't put up with too much and I think that HC may have crossed that line. I've been booted a couple of times for an extended periods of time and have got the e-mails concerning my stance on rapers in general and baby rapers in particular. But the things I described were pretty mild compared with some of his comments. He had a good run though but I thought he got away with it way longer that some of us thought he would have. Let me make this clear. I did NOT turn him in. I just think he shot himself in the old proverbial foot. But what do I know? He may just taking a sabbatical.

We got a few drive in trick or treaters but that was it. I used to leave a bowl out for them but I caught an adult tipping the bowl up and filching all the candy. So much for the honor system. By adult I mean someone older than forty. His excuse? was that he doesn't take his kids out for very long and he wanted to make the best of it. I made him put it all back and I gave his kids some myself. He was in no position to argue with me. I hope his children learned something that night but I don't think so. He was teaching them that is was okay to steal. ( future politicians in the making?) To top it off this guy was a neighbor from just a few doors down.

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Open forum, Oct 28-Nov 3

Timerick, I also thank you for your service. And your nephew's as well. You have no need to apologize for the 'rant' as you call it. Although I never served I have a brother who did. When he came home he was a different person. He did put it on a shelf and moved on with his life. He did stay in for thirty years as a reservist. I know he had some problems adjusting to the attitude of those who protested the war. The ones who went to such extremes that they spit on them and called them baby killers really got under his skin.

You have every right to 'rant' as you call it but I call it letting people know that war is not the answer. The price is way too high for some. Everyday I thank someone for their service. I hope they can recover and if needed get help if they are struggling getting back into society. Back when my brother severed the were still calling it battle fatigue. (upgraded from shell-shock) The help was negligible at best.

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Open forum, Oct 21-27

Jakjak, I carried both. Left pocket had the marbles and the right pocket had a stiletto. Tough hood.

Hawkeye Oct 24 6:27PM. I have said it before. He reminds me of what my folks used to remind me about. He seems to be the personification of a 'sneaky little ..." . Grins at you like the cat that got the cream look. You see the same look from celebrities who are always posed for their picture. He always looks as though it's a photo op. Grab a pencil or pen and look busy for the folks. Now smile and say cheese. After seeing him operate I would love to play poker with him. He has more tells than anyone I have ever seen. He would be easy pickins'.

A long time ago I had the opportunity to play poker with a bunch of lawyers. We all played together for about three years. Let's just say this. I could have made a decent living playing those guys.

Some of these politicians running for office today seem to fall in the same category. I think clinical psychologists would have a field day.

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Open forum, Oct 14-20

I have said it before and I'll say it again. ALL politicians should be drug AND alcohol tested. I want to add to that. Given what has been said in print by politicians recently, they should all go through a mandatory 72 hour psych exam also. Everyday recently we have woken up to more stupid comments than you can shake a stick at.

When Meilke thinks it's bad form to not act like a lap dog I have to wonder what he thinks of women in general and Ms. Largent in particular. She responded like anybody should. She was recommended by him as interim leader. It just sounds like he wanted a demur person who wouldn't rock the boat. He just doesn't realize that when you screw up so bad you will get bit by that lap dog.

I wonder when these pols wake up every morning if they even think before inserting foot in mouth. It's my belief most do not. It's being proved almost everyday.

Manthou, I hadn't heard that phrase used in over 55years. My folks used to say that about some of the politicians in the 50's. Ya know like McCarthy and the whole witch hunt thing for subversives. But it's just as meaningful today as it was then. All you have to do is listen to some of the statements being said. Like I said, open mouth insert foot or feet.

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